Unique 40th Birthday Party Ideas- How To Celebrate 40th Birthday?

40th birthday party ideas
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Turning 40? Isn’t that the big number. Hell yeah, it is! And definitely, if the number is that big so well the celebration should be. From choosing a perfect 40th birthday party ideas to a perfect menu and venue. Each and everything is very important to have a big blast.

The very first advice before you start planning and selecting your 40th birthday party ideas is to create a pinboard and start brainstorming right away. If you really don’t want last-minute issues coming in between your party and celebration.

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Fun 40th Birthday Party Ideas And Amazing 40th Birthday Party Ideas Themes

Whenever you are planning a party for a person who is above 30 always remember that there are usually two types of people. Some might be highly excited to get into their forties. Or some might be just okay with the fact or little depressed that okay … I don’t really wanna get old. And that is absolutely okay.

We all think differently and we need to respect everyone’s opinions. And by keeping that factor in mind you can plan the perfect party for that particular person. And that factor will also help in selecting your perfect 40th birthday party ideas for anyone.

40th Birthday Party Ideas- Cheers To Forty Years

There are times when people tend to classify a lot like 40th birthday party ideas for men, or 40th birthday party ideas for women. Well, let me tell you. These 40th birthday party ideas mentioned in this list are absolutely applicable to all. There’s is something for everyone.

1.Comedy Night

40th birthday party ideas

Being in the ’40s might be a little stressful for some. And the best cure to that is to have a night loaded full of laugh and enthusiasm. You can never go wrong with a comedy night. Also, the birthday guy is the jokester than it is absolutely icing on the cake. What can be a better combination than that?

Roll out the invitation cards and invite all your darling friends to your big fun night.

You can make this 40th birthday party ideas of comedy night a perfect night for you and for your guests by picking the best decor, perfect food menu, and the bright and exciting color palette. Stock on some comfortable decor items like funky cushions, a lot of guilty pleasure food, some alcohol if you drink or mocktails according to your guest preferences.

2. 40th birthday trivia games

40th birthday party ideas

So, if you are the kind of person who wants to keep your 40th birthday party quite simple and elegant and if you really don’t want to get on the louder side. Then trust me, nothing can be better than this 40th birthday party ideas. Hosting a birthday party including all the 1980’s party games will make your memories your beautiful memories of childhood.

Also, you can see who can guess the celebrities’ names born exactly in 1980 and the price of common items including the other trivia games. If you plan to host this game outdoors, you can also include the option of the bonfire. And some hot sizzling sizzlers in the cozy weather will do everything for you.

3. Backyard BBQ- 40th Birthday Party Ideas

how to celebrate 40th birthday

Backyard bbq is again an amazing idea to celebrate your fortieth birthday in a quite exciting way. And if you are a food lover then what can be best than this? This 40th birthday party idea revolves around the food. In which the first you need to set up a very delicious and colorful menu for your loving guests. You can divide the sections of the menu into groups like starters, grill food, sides, some salads, and desert.

Also, you can play around a lot with the decor. As you will be arranging tables and chairs in your backyard you can decorate your tables with red and black cloth. And to make it look more orderly you can also number the table accordingly with your guest names. Follow this decor idea with the menu table as well and make the planning easier for yourself by keeping the buffet system and the outdoor idea will definitely provide you with an outstanding ambiance. ‘

4. 40th birthday beach trip

40th birthday party ideas

If you really want to make your 40th birthday party a little more happening than you can definitely plan a beach trip your closed ones. Also, you turn forty only once. Why not make it worth remembering. Reserve an exclusive resort depending on your budgets. Enjoy your amazing vacation by soaking up the so wanted sun with some fruity drinks and by covering your amazing body with sand.

Click some memorable pictures with your birthday gang and make the day worth remembering for everyone. Also, if you are running short on time you can also plan your stay in a local hotel, and ya do not forget the rejuvenating spa treatments there.

5. 40th birthday pizza party

pizza party

Well, if you are just like me who would love to stay lowkey at their 40th birthday party. Hosting a pizza and a wine party at home will do everything for you. You can chill at your home with your dearie close friends and binge on an amazing movie or your favorite shows. Along with a great variety of pizzas, you can also add on some more guilty pleasure food like wafers, cheesy dips, and some brownie for the desert. Trust me you’ll the idea of enjoying and relaxing your day with your best friends chilling at home with some pizza and exclusive wine.


So dear readers, these were our top picks for 40th birthday party ideas for men and women. Let us know which idea helped you in making your birthday worth remembering. For more amazing ideas and tips stay tuned!

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