Kickass Adult Birthday Party Ideas In 2020

adult birthday party ideas
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Birthdays are like festivals, well this may be true for some and not for some. But what you should be really doing when you are actually reaching that milestone! It’s a great wave of excitement when you know that you are entering in your 18’s. To help you with that we are presenting some kickass Adult Birthday Party Ideas to make your entry in your 18’s worth remembering.

Entering in 18’s means entering in your adulthood which means a lot of parties, hot chicas, relationships, plus maturity too! As soon as we grow older, the birthday party themes and decor concept starts vanishing and it’s more of like “Let’s meet at the bar we love!” or “Let’s Go Out For The Dinner” It tends to become more minimalistic with the passage of time. But we will suggest you to celebrate each and every milestone with our Kickass Adult Birthday Party Ideas.

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Kickass Adult Birthday Party Ideas

Below mentioned is the list of amazing adult birthday party ideas. pick any, you won’t go wrong with these ideas at all. We have also suggested the venues for the adult birthday party ideas with great snacks variety which you can choose to serve in your indoor birthday party.

1. Have A Cake Swap

adult birthday party ideas

well, we think that you’re definitely not that old for some froth and candles. Ask all your friends to get a cake of their choice and yours too. Then collect all the cakes and taste them all. Also, the birthday charm gets to cut all the delicious cakes!

2. Host A Film Screening

adult birthday party ideas

If you and your friends are drama or action lover. Then just rent out a theatre at your local cineplex. Ask them to play your favorite movie and hand out loads of popcorn, icecreams, coke, snacks etc. Also, you can host this adult birthday party ideas at your place or home theatre too!

3. Host A Barbecue- Adult Birthday Party Ideas

adult birthday party ideas

You can also go a little simpler with your adultery and host a decent barbecue party at your backyard or the garden. Also, this adult birthday ideas suits really well, if you are a foodie. And who can resists BBQ? No one I guess. To add some more flavors include some exciting beverages in the bbq menu with a fairy lights decor.

4. Do A Tarot Reading

Well, I am a great fan of tarot reading. Be it positive or negative. Hire a budget-friendly tarot card reader and take a collective reading of you and your friends too about your future. You can host this at your place by serving snacks in the meantime and making it exciting too!

5. Self Care Day

If you are like me who loves to invest time and spend some time in self-care. No idea can really beat this idea. Treat yourself and your friends to a full day spa or wellness. Detox yourself entirely from all the negative things. Next day with your entry in the 18’s you will be very clear about your life and your goals.

6. Throw A Classic Sleepover- Best Adult Birthday Party Ideas

Sleepovers are loved by all categories. Be it, adult or kids. You can host a classic sleepover at your place and do not forget to take your parents permission before doing it. Include all the fun activities in the sleepover like, face masks, massages, all the guilty pleasure food, board games, and delicious cake cutting ceremony!

7. Have A Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party sounds pretty simple, but can be a lot exciting too. Select your favorite restaurant which serves your favorite cuisine. Take all your friends there and have loads of food with your darling gang. And to make your simple birthday party worth remembering make sure to have a hand on a delicious cake.

8. Throw A Margarita/ Magherita Party

No party is ever completed without a great batch of drinks. And you can never go wrong with the margarita and Margherita combination. Invite your closes friends and order or bake loads of varieties of pizzas and serve all with virgin or alcoholic margaritas! Keep your gossips on for the whole time!

9. Host A Game Night- Best Adult birthday Party Ideas

Invite all your friends to your game night birthday party. arrange all the exciting board games. Slip into your pajamas and start playing for the whole night. Do not forget to serve on the delicious finger foods in the middle of the games.

10. Throw A Star Gazing Party

Sounds a little romantic right? But trust this birthday party idea will definitely give you and your close friends a fantastic vibe. For this you can either use your garden, backyard or terrace. Put some soft rugs on the floor with comfy cushions and yes bonfire too. Stay there up for the whole night, talking and gazing at the stars. Also, a cup of coffee with hot chocolate marshmallows will be perfect for the setup.

10 Easy Party snacks To Impress Your Friends

These party snacks mentioned below are really perfect for any adult birthday party ideas.

  1. Pizza Puffs
  2. Herbed cheese balls
  3. Spaghetti and meatball nests
  4. Garlic parmesan stuffed mushrooms
  5. Poblano pineapple salsa
  6. Mediterranean flatbreads
  7. Pigs in a blanket
  8. zucchini chips with basil creamy avocado dip
  9. Lobster Deviled Eggs
  10. Yogutry guac

10 Best And Super Easy Drinks To Serve Your Friends- Best Adult Birthday Party Ideas

  1. Strawberry lemonade
  2. Classic chocolate shake
  3. strawberry milk
  4. Virgin Cranberry basil sangria or with alcohol
  5. Virgin or alcoholic pina colada
  6. Shirley Temples
  7. Blackberry Virgin Mojito
  8. Dole whip lemonade
  9. Kombucha
  10. Popsicle Punch

You don’t have to worry about the recipies as you can get everything by just clicking here!

10 Great Places To Celebrate Your Birthday- Best adult Birthday Party Ideas

  1. Go to stand up comedy show
  2. Go shopping
  3. Visit Theme Parks for adventorous experience
  4. Go to a musical show
  5. Go for a road trip
  6. Go clubbing
  7. Host A kickass Birthday Party
  8. Visit a casino
  9. Try out new things
  10. Organize a massive picnic

Let us know how did you celebrate your adult birthday and which was your favorite adult birthday party ideas in the comment section below!

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