Unique 10 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas For Your Kids To Have Ultimate Fun

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So if you are searching for the best 10 year old birthday party ideas in the world then you have definitely landed at the correct place. We here at The LovelyWish have got the very unique and the best 10 year old birthday party ideas. This age for kids matters a lot. As they really expect loads of fun from you and to organize a very fun and exciting party of them. And for that, we have made it really simpler for you.

We have got every idea and detail you need to organize a super 10 year old birthday party. From 10 year old birthday party ideas, to theme, to food and snacks ideas till the gifts. We have got it all in here. Stay with us till the end and explore all of them.

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10 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas For Your Kids

Mentioned below are super unique 10 year old birthday party ideas that you can use to organize your kids’ 10th birthday parties. To give you a more specific idea, we have divided the 10 year old birthday party ideas in two categories of boys and girls.

10 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

1.Nerf War

10 year old birthday party ideas

Which dude doesn’t love to play around and have an intense and the most fun nerf gun war. For this birthday party idea, you just need to arrange bunch of nerf guns which should be enough for all the kids and for you too! (what is the harm in becoming a kid with kids, It’s a lot fun) Now, the next step is to set up the obstacles either indoor or outdoor for the players to duck behind and dodge while trying to attack their opponents.

2. Trampoline

Trampoline parks are literally no joke these days guys. With all the obstacles, basketball hoops, volleyball, foam pits, sand, the mud, and the monkey pits they provide us with great hours of fun with that stuff itself. There are many local parks that offer the birthday party packages and if not available you can arrange everything on your own and organize a super cute and really fun picnic for your 10-year-old.

3. Go Climbing

If your kid is really sporty and full of energy all the time then take him and his friends to a very challenging rock climbing. Do not forget to take the energy boosters along for all the kids and keep serving them in the meantime. Just decide the time for the mountain climbing and checkout who climbs the highest. Once done with the game cut the delicious cake and give everyone a yummy meal.

4. Fear Factor

10 year old birthday party ideas

Sounds like a reality show,isn’t? well it is. For this 10 year old birthday party ideas you need to plan out a set of crazy dares which you want to make your child and the other kid guests to perform. To make the fear factor idea more interesting gather some crazy edible things and ask the particular child player to eat them to complete the task.

10 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

5. Cupcake War

Just like the master chef show, create a mini cupcake war and ask the girls and the birthday honoree to make the cupcakes. Everyone has to finish the task within the designated time. Then you are gonna taste the cupcakes according to their taste, creativity, and the decoration and mark all the competitors. Later, award each baker with a different prize. If your girl child has even a little bit of sweet tooth, this is the perfect birthday idea for her.

6. Fashion Show

Your girl child is definitely gonna love this birthday party idea. You can plan this birthday party idea either in the mall or indoors. Invite all the cute little girls and ask them to get dressed up in their favorite dresses according to the fashion show. Set up a small ramp for the girls, so that they can do a little cat walk there. make some funky snacks for them and pretty tiaras too.

7. Makeover Sleepover

Whether be a child or an adult, all ages of girls love to have a good makeover. And after that makeover a great sleepover party is gonna be perfect for a 10 year old birthday party ideas. Start the night with nail painting sessions. Later have the pretty girls apply makeup on each other and analyse their looks. It would be really fun to look at them deciding the color of lipsticks or blush they wanna apply. Wrap up the night with a delicious cake cutting.

8. Mani/Pedi

With the upgrade of the modern lifestyle, the modern mums love taking their daughters for the Mani/Pedi sessions too. Take Your darling daughter along with her gal gang to get done with their Mani/Pedi. Do not forget to take the appointment prior and intimate the salon that the salon will be filled with cute little girls for a day!

20 Fun Kids Birthday Party Snacks Ideas- 10 Year Old Birthday Party Snacks

  1. Easy Puppy chow
  2. Cheesy Pepperoni Buns
  3. Fruit and cheese kabobs
  4. Mini burgers with the works
  5. Frozen berry and yogurt swirls
  6. Rainbow gelatin cubes
  7. Chocolate-chipped pretzel rods
  8. Mini mac and cheese dogs
  9. Sugar N Spice popcorn
  10. Cheesy quesadillas
  11. Mini zucchini pizzas
  12. Peanut butter granola pinwheels
  13. Marshmallow pops
  14. Gooey chocolate peanut bars
  15. Peachy jalapeno guacamole
  16. Crispy Baked Wontons
  17. Mini S’mores
  18. Cup Lasagnas
  19. Basic banana muffins
  20. Cinnamon monkey bread

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Places To Have a 10 year Old Birthday Party Ideas

  1. Trampoline parks
  2. Game trucks
  3. Shopping malls
  4. Indoor or outdoor rock climbing
  5. Spa party salons
  6. Chocolate shops
  7. Lasertag venues
  8. Paintball venues
  9. Karaoke venues
  10. Escape rooms.

Exciting Games to Play In 10 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

  1. Pass the parcel
  2. Duck duck goose
  3. Pin the tail on a donkey
  4. Treasure hunt
  5. Scavenger hunt
  6. Grandmother’s footsteps
  7. kim’s games
  8. Doughnut challenge
  9. Musical statues
  10. Egg and spoon race


So dear readers, these were our amazing picks for 10 year old birthday party ideas. Do not forget to mention your favorite in the comment section below. For more amazing content stay tuned!

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