Cute And Super Fun 2nd Birthday Party Ideas For Your Darling Kids

2nd birthday party ideas
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So your darling and the very innocent kid is turning 2! It is a special moment for all the parents and guardians, isn’t it? All the memories of him/ her being an infant just flashes in front of your eyes. And now, your child is going to be a toddler. And that calls for the super blast birthday party ever! But that’s not easy, and to help you with that we are here presenting the 2nd birthday party ideas for your darling kids.

Like every kid and children, your kids are also going to have a lot of fun with these amazing 2nd birthday party ideas. That will include a great variety of games and amazing foods and drinks too.

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So dear readers, before we get start, i will tell you the sections in which this thelovelywish post has been divided into. First we have really cute 2nd birthday ideas for girls, and 2nd birthday ideas for boys and the best time to host the party along with best 2nd birthday idea themes too.

2nd Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

Below mentioned are some amazing super cute 2nd birthday party ideas for girls. Try out these birthday party ideas for your baby girl’s 2nd birthday.

1.Minnie Mouse

2nd birthday party ideas

Remember the proverb, Old is gold! This theme is old but a very golden theme to organize a birthday party with. You can never go wrong with this 2nd birthday party idea at all. Arrange the perfect red, and black Minnie Mouse costume for your baby girl. Match the look with gold or polka-dotted decor and you can also design a cute Minnie mouse birthday cake for your darling.

2. Fairy Tale Theme- 2nd Birthday Party Ideas

2nd birthday party ideas

Fairies, who dosen’t love them. Even we all were fan of fairies at one time. Organize a very decent fairy themed party for your cute baby girl. Make her dress in fairy wings costume with a pretty crown on her head. Decorate the interior of the house with a dreamy decor ideas.

3. Bubble Theme Party

Kids love bubbles. Arrange a bubble theme party with a room filled of bubbles all around the house. Also create a cute bubbly decor of the house. Select the appropriate birthday outfit for the baby girl and make sure to tie a high pony tail if she has long hair. So that it shouldn’t fall in her eyes. You can either go for outdoor or indoor for this 2nd birthday party ideas.

4. All Balloon Party- 2nd Birthday Party Ideas

If your child is fascinated by balloons. Then you are selecting the perfect 2nd birthday party ideas for your child. To make it more exciting fill the whole house, room, closet with balloons all around the house. The key to success for this party is the selection of your colour palette. Pick the outfit of the child according to the color scheme and the cake design too.

2nd Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

As we said we have everything for everyone. Here are the super interesting 2nd birthday ideas for the handsome baby boys too.

1. Favorite Things Party

Kids are really smart these days and therefore they might have a clear choice about what they like and whatnot. Therefore, get all his favorite things may be food, toys, decor, drinks, or gifts. Choose the outfit of his favorite color and use the things he likes as his party props. This party idea will make him really happy. A must try 2nd birthday party idea for kids.

2. Dinosaur Themed Party

Ohh yes dinosaurs, But really it’s not going to be scary at all. In fact, your kids will look really cute in that little dragon costume,e with a poky tail. To make the theme more specific, you can get dinosaur printables that you can use as wallpapers. And yes the dragon cake theme is definitely going to be the star of the party for sure.

3. Candy Themed Part- 2nd Birthday Party Ideas

This party idea is going to be very perfect if your child is a sweet tooth. Pick this candy theme party idea and throw the sweetest birthday party ever for your darling baby boy. Pick a very colorful outfit for this theme and let him any candy and how much he wants. After all, it’s his birthday!

4. Super Hero Birthday Party Theme

Boys and superheroes are two similar names. Right? Pick this theme and dress your handsome, cute little boy with a super hero outfit Also, arrange the matching props which go with that specific outfit. Like a superman outfit with a small tiny cape is going to look excellent on him. Decorate the entire house with superman plates, napkins and towels to make the birthday party more happening for your child.

Interesting 2nd Birthday Party Themes- Best 2nd Birthday Party ideas

  • Cotton candy party theme
  • Vintage inspire gumball party idea
  • Cinderella party theme
  • Dragon party theme
  • Circus Party
  • Cup Cake Bake Shop Party
  • Pirate Theme
  • Barnyard farm Party Theme
  • Pancakes And Pajamas Party
  • Unicorn Party Theme
  • Cherry Picnic Cake Party Theme
  • Slime Party Theme
  • Small Pet Party Theme
  • Floral Party Theme
  • Cartoon Characters Party Theme

These are very famous, classic and the most trending 2nd birthday party ideas that you can go for withoout thinking much.

What’s a Good Time To Host The 2nd Birthday Party?

This is one of the most common FAQs asked by the parents. So basically, the timing of the party should directly depend on your child’s sleeping pattern. If your baby sleeps through the afternoon you can organize the party in the evening and if he/ she tends to sleep late in the afternoon you can organize the birthday party either in the morning or the afternoon.

Make sure your child takes a decent amount of sleep before the party so that he/she can enjoy the best out of it. And that factor will make your efforts worthwhile too. To make your birthday party more organized do not forget to plan out the timings of all the fun activities. Make sure everything happens on time as your toddler may get tired pretty fast which will make him/ her little pissed.


So how did you all hosted your child’s 2nd birthday party and which was your favorite 2nd birthday party ideas. Do let us know in the comment section below!

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