Cute And Funky 3rd Birthday Party Ideas Every Toddler Would Love

3rd birthday party ideas
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I know there’s a lot that goes into the planning and plotting of the 3-year-old child’s birthday. 3 years is the age where your child actually starts sensing all of the things and emotions around him/her. And similarly when you are going to plan a marvelous party for your 3-year-old child make sure that your kid should love it. Otherwise, it will be futile putting in a lot of effort. But don’t worry if you are gonna stay with us your birthday party planning will be the best as we have got amazing 3rd birthday party ideas which are really cute and very funky as well.

From birthday party dress, to the venue and to the invitations you need an idea if you want to organize a perfect birthday party for your child. You can go with the 3rd birthday party ideas that really excite your child, as the age seems, kids are very naughty and would love being active and to play around all the time.

As i said, we are here to help. Checkout our top picks for 3rd birthday party ideas which goes for every toddler!

Where To Have A 3rd Birthday Party Ideas?

Deciding the venue for the birthday party is another task. Therefore, before you start sending out the invitations of your child’s birthday better take a minute and think of the venue calmly. As once you decide the venue 50 percent of the birthday planning is already done! And to decide the venue read the article, 80+ budget-friendly venues for kids birthday parties.

Cute And Funky 3rd Birthday Party Ideas

Below mentioned are amazing 3rd birthday party ideas separately divided into the category for girls, boys and some common 3rd birthday party ideas for every toddler. Let’s check out these amazing 3rd birthday party ideas.

3rd Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

Below are some 3rd birthday party ideas for kids that your baby girl will enjoy a lot!

1. All Pink Birthday Party

3rd birthday party ideas

We all have been in that pinky phase once in a while in our lives. All pink birthday theme will help in creating a dreamy and a very cute decor for your child’s birthday party. You can also select a very beautiful pink gown as her birthday party dress. Also, the food you are gonna serve can be pink! Interesting right? Pink icecream, pink frosted cookies, pink rice with pink lettuce salad! To make it more exciting for your kid you can also design a pink fairy cake for your darling baby girl.

2. Unicorn Birthday Party

3rd birthday party ideas

Unicorns are in real trend right now! With this 3rd birthday party ideas you have a vast variety of creativity that you can go for. Also, unicorns are full of magic and so the birthday party will be. You can go for a very glittering decor, with furry rugs and cute cushions and with the unicorn shaped cake is gonna be icing on the cake for you daughter. To make the party more fun you can arrange unicorn themed crockery in which you’ll serve food to your child and the guest children.

3. Mermaid 3rd Birthday Party Ideas

3rd birthday party ideas

Trust me every other baby girl on Instagram is wearing a mermaid costume. This mermaid trend has got the hype since all this lockdown period. As when there was no option left to celebrate the birthday indoor, you think a lot to get more creative. And this idea is really super fun at the same time to execute. To celebrate your child’s birthday with this idea you need to get a very pretty mermaid dress for your baby girl and a very small and shallow pool to click Insta perfect pictures. Also, you can ask all the guest girls to come in the mermaid dresses and pose for the perfect mermaid gang altogether!

4. Fairy Birthday Party

3rd birthday party ideas

Girls love fairies. And trust me you can never go wrong with this super fantastic idea. You can create a beautiful party decor with some fairy lights, furry rugs and beautiful wings and feathers. You can also get very cute fairy dresses for your child which will be the highlight of the birthday party. To make it more fun for your child don’t forget to order or design a fairy themed cake.

5. Floral Birthday Party

3rd birthday party ideas

Flowers are loved by everyone. You can play a lot with flowers by making it the core of the birthday party planning. You can create a beautiful floral decor depending on the colors and the shape and the design of the flower petals. You can also make tasty deserts out of edible flowers which is loved by your child. To make it more exciting dress your kid in a flower dress like rose, sunfloweror any flower they like.

3rd Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

Below mentioned are the 3rd birthday party ideas perfectly curated for boys! Let’s check them out.

1.Dragon Birthday Party

Ever since the eras, we have hardly found boys playing around with the barbies. They would always love to play around with some giant species like dragon with some action toys instead of soft! Therefore, after keeping the likes and dislikes in mind of boys, here is the best 3rd birthday party ideas and ie, dragon. With this dragon theme, you can create a little dark and shady decor of the house, and get a dragon costume for your child too. Also, do not forget to order a customized cake for your baby boy too.

2. Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

If your little one love searching some hidden things and get excited to that. There can be no perfect 3rd birthday party ideas than this. Your kid will love spending the day in the treasure hunting. To make the birthday party more fuller organize more fun activities with few snack breaks in the middle of the treasure hunting.

3. Truck Themed Birthday Party

If your kid is a great fan of trucks or cars. Then why not make it the star of his birthday party. Create a very fascinating decor for your kid. Also, to make everything more special you can make some donuts and arrange them in the shape of the car or the rigs. A truck shaped cake will do everything for your baby boy.

4. Bubble Party

Bubble birthday parties are really perfect for everyone. This 3rd birthday party ideas will perform really well if you are going to celebrate your toddler’s birthday party outdoor. The only thing you need to take care of is to make sure that the bubbles around the children are absolutely nontoxic. As it might hurt them in their sensitive eyes or might cause harm to their skin. For giant bubbles, you can set up the adult run bubble station using large wire hoops and a small inflatable pool.

5. Smashed Cakes

If your toddler is a little messy and loves enjoying messy things around, this is the perfect 3rd birthday party ideas for your toddler. Smash cakes are small pieces of cake very similar to cupcakes. They are simply frosted they can be eaten with hand or destroyed depending on your child’s’ choice, You can arrange around 50-60 small cake pieces for this 3rd birthday party ideas.


So dear readers, these were our top picks for the 3rd birthday party ideas. Trust me all the toddlers will love celebrating their birthdays with these really cute and funky ideas. If we missed any, do not forget to tell us by dropping a comment in the comment section below!

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