Creative Kids Birthday Party Ideas To Make Your Child’s Birthday Special In 2020

kids birthday party ideas
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Every parent wants their children to be happy and smiling always. And when their special day comes ie, birthday, they want them to be extra happy and make it more special for them. They always organize a super fun birthday party for their kids and we are here to help you out! Today we are going to share amazing kids birthday party ideas to organize a super exciting for your kids.

Also, make sure to keep your child’s likes and dislikes in your mind. This way it will help you in selecting the menu of the birthday party, gifts, colors, themes and the venue too.

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Let’s dive into the list of the best kids birthday party ideas to make your kids very special and super fun!


There is always a myth that a perfectly organized party needs to be expensive with proper decor. Well, it is definitely not like that. You don’t need to always look for very expensive options. You can organize simple, cute, fun, and exciting birthday parties at home or any other venue too!

Listed below are few great kids birthday party ideas.

1. Special Cake

kids birthday party ideas

Cake cutting is the highlight of every party. To make it more special and exciting you can design a very creative cake for your child. You can also make a musical cake for your child. These kid’s birthday party ideas will create excitement at your child’s birthday party.

2. Treasure Hunts

kids birthday party ideas

Trust me this party idea works for all the age groups. It just depends on the way you organize and plan it. You can organize a very creative treasure hunt for your kids. You can also ask all the guest kids to come in a certain dress code depending on your treasure hunt party theme. Also, to provide hints to your child and the other kids you can keep the chits all around the house and make it more interesting.

3. Balloon Bursting

kids birthday party ideas

If your kid is a balloon lover then no kids birthday party idea can beat this birthday party idea.  You can fill big and small balloons with small and big candies along with small creative gifts inside them. You can hang the balloons all over the house and kids can have a lot of fun bursting them and grabbing and enjoying all the candies and gifts.

4. A Fancy Dress Party

kids birthday party ideas

We all have loved all the fancy or costume parties to date. Isn’t it? Well, this can be a super fun kids birthday party ideas. All the guest kids can come dressed up in their favorite cartoon character, or superhero, favorite storybook character, or any fictional character. Make sure to give your guests an ample amount of time so that they have enough time to prepare. To make the fancy dress party more interesting you can also arrange a small catwalk or ramp walk and award the kid with a small gift hamper as a reward.

5. Movie Themed Party

kids birthday party ideas

The next kids birthday party ideas on our list is a movie-themed party. With the help of this idea, you can plan a movie night for your kid. To make it more exciting and last long you can take permission from the guests’ kids’ parents if they can allow their kids to stay for the whole night and can pick your kids back in the morning. To make the night more comfy and enjoyable for the kids you can convert the living room into a home theatre by arranging pillows and blankets all over there with their favorite snacks!

6. Pyjama Party

kids party

Just imagine your kid and the other guest kids in cute little pajamas. Won’t they look absolutely adorable? Well,  why not host one cute pajama party for your kid’s birthday party. Ask the guest kid to come in their comfy pajamas and you can set a simple meal for, everyone, with their favorite snacks. To wrap up you can also add on some music on which all the kids can dance and have a lot of fun.

7. A Story Themed Party

kids birthday party ideas

If your kid is a great fan of any story then you can host a story themed party as your kids birthday party ideas. This will make your kid super happy as he/she can feel their favorite character in real. You can ask all the guests, kids, to dress in the various characters of the story. To make it more fun you can make all the kids play the whole story drama as a skit. One of the best kids birthday party ideas.

8. A snowfall birthday party

Snowfall birthday parties are in real trend. If your kid has a taste of winters then you should definitely go this kids birthday party ideas. Also, it will be very easy to create snowy decor for this birthday party idea. You can decorate the house with cute white cotton balls. And to make it look snowier you can also spread white cotton all over the floor. Your kid will definitely love the idea and will make long-lasting memories with that.

9. Cartoon Theme Party

kids party

Even we were cartoon lovers when we were kids. You can ask all the guest kids to come dressed up in all their favorite cartoon character costumes. Make your kid also get dressed up in their most loved cartoon character. To make your child’s birthday party more interesting you can design the birthday cake of their selected cartoon character.

10. Dance And A Karaoke Party

If your kid is a dance and music lover then you can organize a very fun dance and a karaoke party for your kid. All the guests’ kids can come and dance along with your kid on their favorite songs. And if your kids are not aware of any other songs to perform in karaoke then you can make all the kids perform some cute poems or poetry. To make it more fun you can arrange some cute and exciting mikes which will make them sing and they will enjoy it a lot!

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