Baby Shower Ideas To Host The Perfect Baby Shower Party In 2020!

baby shower ideas
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So you are expecting the most precious thing in the coming days. Also, at this point in time, a mother feels truly different and there is nothing as compared to this feeling in the entire universe. s, the time has arrived to throw the most remarkable baby shower the family, the parents, and the mother soon will be blessed with its darling baby for whom she had been waiting for for 9 long months. And as the occasion is amazingly important and serves to be the best, it requires proper planning and the amazing baby shower ideas to make their shower memorable and perfect.

As we understand the importance of the occasion, we have curated the best tips for baby shower ideas. these tips will help you to host the best baby shower and later you can share these memories when your beautiful baby comes to the world. In this post, we have covered some amazing baby shower ideas with interesting baby shower gifts and food ideas!

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Baby Shower Ideas To Host A Modern Baby Shower

baby shower ideas

So dear readers, without wasting much of time, let’s jump into the list of baby shower ideas and explore the marvelous ways to host the perfect baby shower ideas. Follow the tips mentioned below and make sure to ponder on every tip before you start implementing the real planning.

Tip 1- Decide The Date And Time

baby shower ideas

First things first. The very first thing when it comes to the proper planning of the baby shower is to decide the date and time. Maximum of the time baby showers are helped when the mother is seven months pregnant. And the best idea will be to ask the guest of honor to pick a day and time. This way she can pick according to her comfort and will make everything according to the plan. And as we all the time phrase during the pregnancy is a little intense for all the mothers. therefore make sure you keep the record of her mood swings, and her needs to keep her happy all the time.

Tip 2- Decide The Venue

baby shower ideas

Once you are sure of the date and time regarding the baby shower. the very next step is to decide the venue for the event. As the event can be conducted both ways. Indoors and outdoors. You can choose according to your requirements. If you are a little tight on the budget the best way will be to organize the baby shower in your home itself. Also, the idea or hosting this beautiful event at home is also very intimate.

You can either use your living room or backyard to host the perfect baby shower. Or if you have a bigger budget and you are really willing to host the baby shower outdoors then you can consider booking a decent fancy restaurant, ceremony hall, or even plaza. You can simply ask permission to host the event in the local parks. Make sure you have the backup plan in case it starts raining.

Tip 3- Determine The Guest List And The Guest Size

SO, once you are done with the basic things of deciding the date, time, and venue. The next step is to obviously prepare your guest list. And also a fact that your guest list and guest size is directly proportional t your budget. So if at all you are a little tight on the budget then go ahead and plan only to invite your close friends, relatives, and the family members. Also, this is a great idea to have fun with your close ones. And if you are with a little bigger budget then you can plan on inviting your neighbors, far relatives, and your entire friend circle too.

Tip 4- Send The Invitations

Once you are ready with the guest list, now is the time to distribute the invitation cards and invite all your dear guests to the event. Make sure to invite the guests at least 3 weeks before the baby shower. This will help everyone to reach on time and schedule their other things according to the date-time of your baby shower. FOr a casual baby shower, an email invitation will work well for you. But if at all you are planning to organize a more formal baby shower then you can go for paper invites.

Tip 5- Pick The Delicious Food Menu And The Decor

According to me, this is the most important step when it comes to complete planning as this where you need to brainstorm a lot and collect more and more creative ideas. start picking the decor ideas and create pins. You can also decide the color palette and choose the decoration items according to that. Make sure you get the decorative things at least one or two weeks before to avoid the last-minute hassle. Finalize the food menu that you need to serve your guests with. And make sure you keep in mind the cravings and choices of the mother too. Expectant moms may like different cuisines, flavors, and juices according to their cravings.

With these main 5 baby shower ideas, you can wrap the shower with some interesting activities to have fun with everyone. Also, make sure you arrange the return favors for all the guests present in the room. this way you will make the baby shower a memorable event for your guests too.

Delicious Snacks Ideas For An Exciting Baby Shower- Best Baby Shower Ideas

To serve your guests with delicious snacks you can try incorporating the snacks mentioned below at your party and impress your guests.

  1. Lasagna cheese grilled bites
  2. Air fryer fried pickles
  3. Pizza dippers
  4. Chicken and waffles sliders
  5. Buffalo chicken meatballs
  6. Chocolate banana crescent rolls
  7. Tatter tot skewers
  8. Pigs in a quilt
  9. Pizza roses
  10. Pepperoni cheesy bread
  11. Turkey club cups
  12. French dip roll-ups
  13. Bacon jalapeno deviled eggs
  14. Cheesy pretzel twists
  15. 7 Layer greek dip
  16. Sprinkle cheesecake ball
  17. Peach roses
  18. Cookie pops
  19. Churro banana bits
  20. Banana split pops

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Takeaway- Baby Shower Ideas

So dear readers plan out the best and the most memorable baby shower systematically with these baby shower ideas. For any other queries drop a comment in the comment section below. And do not forget to share this post with all the expectant moms around you. Stay tuned for more amazing content.