10 Best Beach Birthday Party Ideas- How To Host A Perfect Beach Birthday Party

beach birthday party ideas
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Organizing a perfect beach party is really a task, when only you are the one arranging the stuff and getting the things. Well, to make the planning and organizing the beach birthday party pretty simple for you, we have got a super simple and the perfect plan for you. In today’s post, we are going to help you in selecting the best beach birthday party ideas to host a perfect beach birthday party.

Fun, sun, food, refreshing drinks and your friends and family and what all you need to beat that summer heat. You will definitely have a blast once you have got all the things in place!

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Best beach Birthday Party Ideas To Have Splashy Fun

So dear readers, mentioned below are amazing beach birthday party parties, you just need to follow them step by step and you will be done organizing the perfect beach birthday party!.


First things first. The very first step towards the beach party planning or any other party planning is to look up for the perfect venue. And in the case of the beach birthday parties, you need to look for the finest beaches nearby or anywhere in your town. For this step to be successful you need to start looking for the perfect venue a few weeks in advance. And still, If you are running out of the venues then you can definitely look for other options and throw a festive birthday party bash in your backyard itself.


Once you are done with the venue, you need to look out for the perfect theme that you want. Also, when it comes to summer soirees most of the people are the great fans of tropical and beach themes. And as a simple fact, you are already on the seaside so just simply break the pineapples and grab those grass skirts for more of a tropical beach party theme. You can also set the dress codes in the beach party themes asking all the girls to come all dressed up in their hottest swimsuits or bikinis. Making the party a lot hotter! Best beach birthday party ideas.

CREATE BEACH FRIENDLY DECOR- Best Beach Birthday Party Ideas

beach birthday party ideas

Ocean breezes are definitely delightful, until they take away your paper decorations and ruin your party decor. Well, in that case, you need to be a lot more practical and look out for the different supplies and some solid decor which will go perfectly with your party theme. You will easily find many party suppliers that will provide you the material directly at the venue. And after all, the shells, sea glass, rocks, and starfish are absolutely free. You can also include many cute inflatables in your beach party decor and get insta proof pictures to post all over your social media.


Definitely you are not going carry your expensive china set to serve all the guests. And for some obvious safety reasons, most of the beaches do not allow to bring glass. And your solution for this is to go for disposable tableware. You can easily get your hands on disposable plates, bowls, cups, spoons, glasses, and definitely paper napkins and straws too. These days you also get way too many options and can also opt for biodegradable and recyclable options too.


Now, your venue is done, the theme is done, tableware is done but where is the food. Well, here are some amazing easy to eat appetizers that won’t be a trouble eating in your beach birthday parties. And you definitely will need a good amount to serve your guests too. Below mentioned is the list of easy to eat appetizers for beach birthday parties. Try them out and include them in your beach birthday party ideas for sure.

  1. Octopus Hummus
  2. Beach Cake
  3. Sand Dollar Shortbread Cookies
  4. Beachy Cupcakes
  5. Watermelon Waves
  6. sand Parfait
  7. Beach Ball Cake Pops
  8. Sand Castle Cake
  9. Crab Croissant
  10. Deviled Egg Boats


SO, once you are done with the appetizers, your guests are definitely going to look out for some refreshing drinks and you don’t want to disappoint them for sure. Mentioned below are amazing refreshing summer drinks that your guests will love!

  1. Grapefruit sidecar
  2. Strawberry Jalapeno Mint Julep
  3. Classic Mai Tai
  4. Frozen Pimm’s Cup
  5. Best Michelada
  6. Rosemary Gin Fizz
  7. Classic Strawberry Daiquiri
  8. Rum Sunset
  9. Pineapple Coladas
  10. Rainbow Sangria
  11. Mermaid Lemonade
  12. Summer Crush Mimosas
  13. Frozen Sangria Margarita
  14. Rum And Coke
  15. Watermelon sangria
  16. Mimosa Margaritas
  17. Pina colada
  18. Frozen dark and stormy
  19. Boozy Dole Whip
  20. Blackberry mojito

SO dear readers, as we know that you might need the recipes too, please check them out right here at delish.com

BEACH PARTY GAMES IDEAS- Beach Birthday Party Ideas

Definitely, you, your family and your friends are just not going to sit and gossip in the beach all the time. Include some exciting games in your beach party and have loads of. You can also try out the super trending beach games mentioned below.

  1. How low can you go
  2. Mini Golf
  3. Beach Frisbee Golf
  4. Water bucket relay
  5. Let’s go fly a kite
  6. Limbo at the beach
  7. Beach Bowling
  8. beach volleyball
  9. Tug of war
  10. Squirt war
  11. sand hopscotch
  12. Parachute games
  13. Slithery snake games
  14. Bubble blowing
  15. Bocce ball
  16. Beach treasure hunt
  17. sand angels
  18. do you want to build a sandman?
  19. Sand castles
  20. Piccaso in the sand

Beach Party Cake- Beach Party Birthday Ideas

Accept it or not, no birthday celebration is ever complete without the cake cutting. And to make this beach birthday party celebration lit, you can go for some ideas, refreshing cake designs and get the birthday cake.


Once you are done with all the planning, keep in mind that safety is also very important if you have kids along with you in the beach birthday party celebration. Make sure there are lifeguards around and if not hire them for a day. Also, carry a bag with all the SPF essentials to protect yourself from getting tanned!


So dear guys, this was our complete guide on how to organize the perfect beach birthday party and the amazing beach birthday party ideas. Let us know how was the post in the comment section below.

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