10 Best Bachelor Party Destinations In America

bachelor party destinations
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Ten ultimate bachelor party spots. How many of you are single we estimate at least half of you. So in this article, we want to help you so that you can have a decent list of best bachelor party destinations just in case you ever decide to tie the knot.

We know how important bachelor parties are in today’s culture. And because these are more popular in the West; we’re going to focus on North America. If there’s enough demand we’ll do one for Europe and Asia as well. Till then here are 10 best bachelor party destinations in America.

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 10 Best Bachelor Party Destinations

So my dear friends here is the ultimate list of the best bachelor party destinations. These best bachelor party destinations have been collected based on the reviews of the best bachelor parties conducted on these specific destinations.

#10. Cabo San Lucas Mexico :

bachelor party destinations

if you want to have loads of fun at your bachelorette. Cabo San Lucas is an amazing place to go to. El Squid Roe is the best place to party in Cabo San Lucas. But make sure you are there sooner than later because the party starts after midnight. You can also try the giggling Marlin or Cabo Wabo Sammy Hagar’s hangout place during the day. You guys can have some fun on the beach- snorkeling scuba diving or relaxing at the spa. Yes, guys do that too! But we won’t tell anybody don’t worry

# 9.  Scottsdale Arizona:– Best Bachelor Party Destinations

best bachelor party destinations

 If you and your friends like some old-school fun. Then trust me this is the best bachelor party destination for you guys. Golfing at Scottsdale is the perfect place for you. With more than 200 golf courses. The location seems to be really fun than you could ever think.

 You can also enjoy the very delicious steaks at the Kona grill and a cold drink at 6. There the ice bar runs the length of the dance floor.  So definitely, if you feel like to dance then axis radius is the best way to end a successful bachelor party.

#8. Whistler British Columbia Canada:

best bachelor party destinations

 Well, not the usual beachy place. Whistler will offer you a different party experience. But as good or even better than the others. Don’t imagine that just because you will be skiing you won’t have some fun. Imagine the hot sporty chicks on the exciting ski slopes.  That’s more like it right? And after having loads of sports, a super fun party is a must thing, guys. Buffalo Bill is the best club in Whistler guaranteeing a wild night and a pain hangover the next day. But you’ll have enough time to rest at the upscale Mallard lounge and harass in the Fairmont Chateau Whistler.

#7. Manhattan New York:– Best Bachelor Party Destinations

best bachelor party destinations

 The most densely populated and the very live New York City, Manhattan has some great things to offer for you guys. As all guys love sexy women and steak what can be better than getting a whole combo! This can also happen at the penthouse club themed parties. Such as sexy Saturdays or a hot lingerie night will definitely make your bachelor party yum along with the good delicious steak. So take a bite of the Big Apple and go in the Garden of Eden.

#6. New Orleans Louisiana:

best bachelor party destinations

 If you’re getting married and even if you’re not this is your chance to experience mardi gras. Every guy has to at least once. The crazy celebration is now so popular among bachelors that there are plenty of online bachelor party planners that can help you rent your own private balcony. Imagine the view if your party doesn’t take place when Mardi Gras is you can still have plenty of fun and have a killer night.  Take a walk on Bourbon Street and choose one of its clubs and bars. If you like karaoke you can try the crazy cat’s meow. If not Razoo bar and patio is one of the best clubs around.

#5. Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

bachelor party destinations

Dubbed as Hollywood North. The city has a wild nightlife and you can always choose to go to the Roxy nightclub and for the single friends in the group who knows you might find some single friends of another bachelorette as well. Also, the club is one of the most famous around if you’re still thinking about all the celebs who party in Vancouver such as Ben Affleck or Jennifer Garner you can try the trendy OU  bar and you might get to see someone Famous.

#4. Chicago Illinois:– Best Bachelor Party Destinations


Sinatra is a kind of a town which is absolutely pretty. It is much like a town especially for bachelors who can enjoy a pretty wild party there. You can also enjoy a super manly activity with some delicious hot dogs. You can also head to Division Street enjoy lunch in some of the luxurious restaurants and off you go clubbing until the more.

#3. South Beach Florida:

south beach florida

This amazing destination will provide you with the best ever beach experience. With best girls in bikini and driving convertibles but don’t imagine too much because you’re only allowed to look not to touch of course remember you are getting married one of the world’s sexiest places, Nikki Beach Club can be a good place to start while partying while other clubs such as liquid, Amnesia, Prive and Wax will be waiting for you all night long when you decide that you’ve had enough the luxurious Clevelander hotel will be there waiting for you.

#2 Montreal Quebec Canada:

Montreal is one of the best places for having loads of fun. Crescent street or Saint Laurent Boulevard are filled with clubs, bars, cafes, and even strip clubs visited by many grooms to be. If you want to spot some celebrities restaurants such as the globe and Buona Notte are the perfect places to do that. For real wild night time, the super Club was the perfect place to go but it got closed down in 2013. But there is no need to worry, as there are other bars out there waiting for you. One of the best bars on Saint Laurent Boulevard is Tokyo bar while crescents best bars include Newton Jacques Ville nerves club.

#1. Las Vegas Nevada:– Best Bachelor Party Destinations

With some of the best clubs in the world, the hottest pool parties, and the top-class restaurants with some exciting casinos- Vegas is the best place for a bachelor party. One of the U.S. top cities is Vegas. The city will take care of you and your friends and will show you a good time.

You can go to the Rum jungle dance club in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino where you can watch women doing acrobatics on wires. If you’d like a cool party atmosphere you can head to ice Lorrain and the Palms Casino Resort too. If you want to try the celebrity lifestyle you can stay at some of the most luxurious hotels or enjoy the dinner at the celebrity-owned restaurants. And to see some sexy and beautiful women you need to go to the Hard RockHotel for sure.


So dear readers, these were our top 10 picks for the best bachelor party destinations. Do let us know which party destination you picked to make your bachelorette super fun and worth remembering!

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