10 Incredible Divorce Party Ideas To Celebrate A New Beginning

divorce party ideas
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Well, either if your divorce is the result of the loveless marriage or a toxic relationship. Divorces aren’t the easy part of anyone’s life. And not just the divorce, even the breakups are painful too. The phase in which we go through during these events is really heartbreaking. And that’s exactly why the divorce party exists! Well, it depends from person to person, whether they want to be a part of this or not. But trust me this is a great way to take a break and plan your future ahead! In this post, we are going to introduce you with some mind-blowing divorce party ideas.

The famous divorce mediator, and the divorce harmony coach, Dori Shwirtz says that- “Women and men use the divorce parties as a right of passage to their new life!” It is absolutely okay if things didn’t work out for you too. Let’s move ahead and celebrate with these incredible divorce party ideas to start the new beginning of our lives!

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Some Etiquettes To Note Down Before You Organize Your Divorce Party- Divorce Party Ideas

divorce party ideas

Before we get started with the divorce party ideas, let us take a minute and check out these important etiquettes that we should keep in mind before you organize your divorce party.

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Remember that your divorce party isn’t any kind of way to mock your partner in any means. Especially if you two have kids. That kind of motive will give everyone a negative vibe about you and your relationship. Instead, it should be a way to honor each other, your new beginning, and your freedom!

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The most beautiful divorce parties are those which are 100 percent positive. The divorce party should be subtle enough to feel that you are going to have a fresh start of your life in a brand new way. Therefore, be highly optimistic throughout the whole time you plan the divorce party. And with the divorce party ideas mentioned in this post you will be able to do that easily.

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Because of the reason, this event is quiet big. Therefore, try to keep the invite list very small. Invite all your close friends and family members who supported you through all this divorce thing. In this way you will keep yourself away from the negative talks and unwanted or false rumors. This will keep your mental state in place and happy too.

Now, we are absolutely done with the basic etiquette for the divorce party. let’s jump into the list of the divorce party ideas right away!

Incredible Divorce Party Ideas For A Positive Divorce Party

Pick any idea and you will end up having a successful divorce party with your close friends and family members.

1.Happy Trails- Incredible Divorce Anniversary Party Ideas

divorce party ideas

Definitely if you are divorcing you should be really glad moving on. And if not, your life will move on even if you are stuck at the same page. Plan a divorce party around this theme and keep 5 year break cards all over the table. Let everyone present in the divorce party pick the card and tell where they want to be after every 5 years and their lives future plan.

2. All The Single Ladies/ Men- A BADASS DIVORCE PARTY

divorce party ideas

Invite all the powerful women in your life and motivate and empower yourself too to have a kickstart beginning of your life. In this divorce party, all the single ladies can reflect upon the struggle of their lives which made them very strong and made this wonderful woman today! One of the best divorce anniversary party ideas.

3. Make Your Own Cocktail Night- Divorce Party Ideas

divorce party ideas

Definitely, this is a night where you deserve to have fun and drink as much as you want. Set out all the cocktail ingredients out on the table and let everyone concoct their signature cocktails. You can also name the cocktails according to the mood and theme. Like- the loveless life, the freedom night etc.

4. Ditch The Dress/ The Ring

Some people find comfort in ditching the stuff that was the symbol of their marriage. Well, this will not only give you comfort it will also help in balancing your mental state as you will get rid of the memories too. Tossing the wedding dress or the tuxedo in the bonfire will help you in feeling light-hearted!

5. Focus On Self Care- Divorce Party Ideas

divorce party

Treat yourself and your friends with the most awaited self-care session. Take all your besties for the best spa experience and massages and the mani-pedi session. Come back home with your pals and chill for the whole day in your pj’s and binge on Netflix with your favorite pizza and beverage! Isn’t that sound really perfect?

6. Plan Your Divorce Party Around A Theme

Pick a funny and happy theme for the divorce party that will give you certain ideas for your party. And just in if you are pretty stumped then you think f some empowering movies and tv shows like sex and the city, the bachelorette, etc.

7. Book A Special Venue For The occasion- Divorce anniversary party ideas

divorce party

Find a beautiful place near some nature. Like a mansion or a villa that has a pool. Reach the destination with your close friends and family members. You can think of some exciting venues too like speakeasies, lounges, mansions, gardens, or clubs too. Plan on some amazing activities to have at the destination. Make the day with your pals worth remembering.

8. Set Up A Dessert Station!- Divorce Party Ideas

Set up a happy divorce cookies and cake station and let everyone munch on them as much as they want. Especially the divorcee. Let him or her eat as many sweets as he/she wants to celebrate the new beginiing of their life with a sweet tooth.

9. Play Dating App-Inspired Games For Your Divorce Party

Well, who said that your love life is gonna end after your divorce. That’s not really true. You can date and be in a relationship with anyone you want to. Although you wouldn’t love to be a part of dating right after the breakup. And that’s okay. But just for fun, you can play some silly dating apps inspired games and ask your guests to swipe right or left for you and set you up on a funny and a very dramatic date!

10. Party Like It’s Your Bachelorette Party- A Bachelorette Cum Divorce Party

The bachelor party traditions are absolutely perfect for the divorce party ideas and make some sense too. Take a night and celebrate your singlehood in the dirty way or a subtle that is your personal choice. Hire some exotic dancers or strippers, serve exotic food and desserts, and make the night worth remembering!


So dear readers, these were our top picks for the divorce party ideas. Mention your favorite ideas in the comment section below. And share these divorce party ideas with your friends who really need it! stay tuned for more amazing content.

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