7 Creative Girls Night Games For The Perfect Girls Night Party

girls night games
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Welcome back, dear readers! So having the girls’ night party is one of the best things that you can do with your girlfriends. And we would recommend you to do this more often. Having the girls’ night out often will help you in refreshing your mind and help in removing all sorts of negativity from your life.

So, in this post, we have covered very interesting and super creative girls night games which are absolutely perfect for the girls night party or even girls night outs!

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Now, let’s jump into the amazing list of the girls night games to make the girls night party perfect for you and your night out too!

7 Creative Girls Night Games For the Perfect Girls Night Party

Mentioned below are amazing girls night games include them in your night parties or night outs or on any occasion you want. Your girlfriends will love the games and your party too. Also, we have covered a great range of snacks ideas, and drinks ideas for the girls’ night party. Stay with us till the end to check them out.

1.Truth or dare- Best Girls Night Games

Well, don’t you think that the regular truth and dare has gone way out of the league and seems pretty boring? We still have a solution for that. As it is clear that all your girlfriends are going to be the part of this game you can be as dirty as you want. And not only this you can give your girlfriends as many embarrassing public dares which make this game more fun and interesting with more rounds of the game.

2. Food Face race- Girls Night Games

Caution- This game can get really messy! So dear girlfriends, for this game you need to place any food item on your friend’s face and ask her to bring it inside the mouth without using their hands or anything else. All they can use is just their facial expressions. That’s it. You can make it more fun by giving your friends messy food items that will ruin their makeup for a while!

3. Spin The Bottle With Food

This is again a super fun game to play around with your girlfriends. Firstly, you need to arrange the camera at the perfect angle so that it can capture every moment and that you can laugh once you are done playing with this super fun game. Arrange the interesting food items in a circle.

Like tobacco sauce, then pizza, then chilies, then brownies. something in this pattern. Then everyone needs to sit in a circle. And one girl will spin the bottle, whichever bowl the bottle points that person has to eat some of the food from it.

4. Kiss That smokin’ Hot poster- Girls night Party Games

Well, i want you to imagine the damn hot poster of Jamie Dorman from fifty shades of grey or any other if you have other favorites. Ask your girls to put on a bright shade of lipstick and blindfold them. The next step will be to kiss the poster exactly on the lips. The person who does the task accurately will take the poster ho,! Hurray!

5. Never Have I Ever- Girls Night Party Games

Never have I ever made out with a guy in the club! If you have, then bottoms up. It’s like the perfect drinking game for the girls and super fun too. This way Girls can reveal their most dark secrets openly in front of everyone. Also, visit- the best never have I ever list here, and check out the best never have I ever questions.

6. Beauty Queen

This is one of the best girls night party games that can be played with all your girlfriends. All you need to do is to ask everyone to bring it some crazy diva outfits and some accessories too like glittery tiaras and jewelry etc. Put all the items in the bag. Now ask all the girls to start off the musical chair race game.

When the music stops, the person holding the bag will take out one item and put it on. Continue the game until all the accessories and clothing are worn by everyone. Then for the winner pick the person wearing very minimal clothing and accessories. Also, do not forget to take pictures with all your funny beauty queens.

7. Bad Word- Girls Night Party Games

For this cute and a very fun game you need to pick a word at the start of the girls night party and ban the usage of that word in the whole party. That word can be anything like husband, or boyfriends, or anything well you better than us. Then any time anyone uses that specific word that person will have to take a super alcoholic drink. This way it can be more fun too.

Girls Night Party Drinks Ideas- Girls Night Party Games

If anyone in the doesn’t go for the cocktails there is always the best options of mocktails for them!

  1. Pina colada
  2. Vodka spritz
  3. Peachy keen
  4. Espresso martini
  5. Negroni
  6. Vodka lime and soda
  7. Bloody mary
  8. Champagne cocktail
  9. Lemon martinis
  10. Fruity mixed drinks with feminine flair
  11. sangria
  12. Sweet and spicy mixed drinks
  13. Jell-o-shots
  14. Rock candy martini
  15. The painkiller

Girls Night Appetizers Ideas- Girls night Games

girls night games
  1. Nutella puppy chow
  2. Hot pizza dip bites
  3. Paprika cheddar cheez Its
  4. Pizza roll-ups
  5. Lasagna
  6. Chocolate and cream snack mix
  7. Potato puffs
  8. Chewy Soft pretzels
  9. Chocolate popcorn with sea salt
  10. Fruits and cheese tray


So dear readers these were our top picks for the best girls night games and the super delicious beverages and snacks ideas too. Mention your favorites in the comment section below. Also, do not forget to share this post with all your girlfriends too.