7 Easy Halloween Prank Ideas To Play This Halloween

halloween prank ideas

Halloween party deserves to have an unforgettable experience. A creative Halloween bash is just around mandatory for everyone to enjoy the most of the Halloween party. Spooky decorations, scary snacks, and the devilish deserts make the party more exciting. Well, how can your Halloween party be completed without any Halloween pranks even? In this post, we have got some very interesting Halloween prank ideas. These prank ideas are super easy to execute and will definitely scare anyone.

Generally, a trick to a good prank is to scare or trick people but not with the intention to disrespect people. These pranks are meant to be funny. Therefore, never take them on the extreme side. Keep it simple, easy, yet scary.
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7 Easy Halloween Prank Ideas To Play This Halloween

The Halloween prank ideas mentioned below will anyone a good yelp when executed properly. Also, all of them are easy to execute. Therefore happy scaring!

1.Someone Up There

If you are living at the place which has movable ceiling tiles or if you are at the office. Then this Halloween prank is definitely for you. All you need is a long hair extension or a wig and tuck it inside a ceiling tile so that it hangs down. Make the hair look worse by just making the hairstyle of the wig messy. You can also try putting some fake blood on the wig and hang it in a room where people will have to put the lights on. This prank will definitely make the people in the room jump out of fear.

2. Surprise Snake- Funny Halloween Prank Ideas

Well, if you are the one hosting the Halloween party you can use this amazing idea to scare all your guests very easily. Personally, I am very scared of snakes. So, I were to open a cooler to grab a drink and a snake jumped out at me, I will definitely take a minute to stop crying! Use a rubber snake and attach some string to rig the snake so that it pops up whenever someone opens the cooler. Or you can simply place 2-3 inside the cooler for the people to look and jump at!

3. Only Take One

If you are short on time, then you have to try this one this Halloween. Have you watched kids and adults jumping on the candy bowl to grab as many candies they want? Well, not this time. Because if they even tried to take even a single candy more than one, their hand will be swatted by a zombie’s hand. For this Halloween pranks ideas, you need a candy bowl with an animated hand. Place the bowl of candy at the entrance to give them the spooky vibe from the entrance itself!

4. Mirror Writing- Scary Halloween Prank Ideas

We have all drawn cute little emojis or different shapes in the mirror. But for Halloween, you need to be a little more tricker and smarter. Before you partner, or cousin, or any friend steps inside the room to take the shower. Use some soap or fake blood to write a scary message on the mirror and leave it for them. You can write messages like ‘I’m watching you’ or ‘I will eat you’ with some spooky and scary emojis. Sit back and listen to the yelp of panic! Interesting, isn’t it?

5. Head In A Jar

This one is going to take extra effort but trusts me, it is totally worth it. For this Halloween prank ideas, you need to photo yourself which looks a bit squished. The second thing is to get it printed and laminated.lastly add the photo in the jar and add some sort of gross food coloring. Place it in your fridge or somewhere your guests can have a direct look at it. Now, wait for your guests to get scared and jump out of fear.

6. Caramel Apple Anyone?

This one is a little mean trick, until and unless you know anyone who actually loves onions. The trick is to make a batch of caramel onions which actually looks like caramel apples. This way your guests will get yuck of caramel onion taste rather than delicious Halloween sweet treats. You can mix some caramel apples with the onions so that people with onions don’t catch the right away!

7. Fake Ghost

This is the best Halloween prank ideas. And definitely the last one on the list. For this prank idea you will be needing a friend or any cousin to get dressed in some spooky outfits, matt hair, scary makeup and have them roam all around the street. Especially make the ghost roam around the spots from where your guests are coming to your party.

Once everyone is in the house, bring up the conversation, and act like your friends are joking with you. Ask them to describe exactly what they saw and tell them a fake story about how someone died in the neighborhood and is said to come out on Halloween. Let the conversation get intense for a while and then have your ghost friend show up later to scare them.

Crazy Halloween Snacks Ideas

halloween prank ideas

Make your halloween super fun by adding these crazy snacks to your party menu and impress all your guests!

  1. Dracula dentures
  2. Caramel apple s’ mores
  3. Ghost Pizza Bagels
  4. Pumpkin deviled eggs
  5. Oreo Jell-O shots
  6. Mummy Brie
  7. Frankenstein pretzels
  8. Graveyard Chicken Enchilada dip
  9. Ghost s’ mores dip
  10. Reese’s bats
  11. Hocus Pocus Inspired smore’s pops
  12. Monster Munch
  13. Jack skellington candy apples
  14. Jelly worms
  15. Halloween candy bark

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Halloween Party Themes Ideas- Halloween Prank Ideas

halloween prank ideas

Try hosting a halloween party this year around these creative and very scary themes to make your halloween party the best ever.

  1. Spooky skeleton scavenger hunt
  2. Nightmare on your street
  3. Spooky supper party
  4. White ghost party
  5. Murder mystery dinner party
  6. Zombie Prom
  7. Scary candy making party
  8. Backyard horror movie night
  9. Halloween brunch
  10. Dia de Los Muertos party
  11. Fortune telling party
  12. Haunted house party
  13. Pumpkin carving party
  14. Vampire dinner party
  15. Mad scientists party


So dear readers, as Halloween is just around the corner start planning your party and arranging the thing you need according to the theme. This will help in hosting the party in the perfect way. Do not forget to mention your favorite Halloween prank ideas in the comment section below. Also, share this post with your friends and family to share this amazing Halloween prank ideas with them.