Best Guide On How To Celebrate New Year And Welcome 2021

how to celebrate new year
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We are all tempted to say goodbye to this very year 2020 and so far it hasn’t served any good to us. And we after seeing such situations in our life and the world with whole safety can definitely celebrate and welcome 2021 in a very healthy and prosperous way. In this post, we are going to cover everything you need to know about- ‘How To Celebrate New Year In healthy Ways’

As we know that the entire world is still struggling with the disease COVID-19. If we are organizing a party or are planning even to go out, we all need to be very careful. We need to follow each and every safety precaution and protect us and our families to stay safe. So, let’s just dive into the post and discover ‘How To Celebrate New Year And Welcome 2021’

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How To Celebrate New Year In Healthy Ways

Try out the ideas mentioned below to celebrate this new year and have a super safe party and welcome 2021! There are also a great bunch of activities, games, and food ideas that you can easily incorporate with your base idea to have kickass new year party!

In House New Year Party

how to celebrate new year

Host a pampering new year party at your place and invite all your guests and close friends by sending them a cute new year party celebration invites. You can go for a very minimal and simple theme with subtle decor ideas. Make sure to check all the guests’ temperature once for safety reasons when you let them enter your house. You can start off by evening for the new year celebration.

Prepare a delicious menu for all the guests and hand them over creative DIY masks to wear during the party for the whole time. Incorporate the food and mocktails and cocktails mentioned at the end of this article to have a super exciting party.

Go dancing- How To Celebrate New Year

how to celebrate new year

For this new year celebration idea, you definitely have two options. You can either arrange the whole dancing set up inside the house or you can go out clubbing too. Well, totally depends on your preferences. But we would highly recommend y’all to stay indoors and stay safe. The very first step to getting started with this idea is to invite all your friends and ask them to come all dressed in their party outfits and definitely look glamorous. You can also set a color code for the dancing party idea.

Set a disco background in your living room with the beautiful neon led balloons. And the key to success for this party is the best selection of the music and to have an incredible playlist. Meanwhile, prepare delicious finger foods for the guests so that they can have it when they get super tired with the whole dancing.

Well, if you are going out then you definitely need to follow social distancing and wear masks and sanitize yourselves from time to time.

Welcome The Most Awaited 2021 Under The Stars- How To Celebrate New Year

This is a very creative way for’How To celebrate New Year’. You can organize this new year party idea either in your backyard, garden on the terrace. To make the vibe more cozy put some tents or rugs or blankets instead of the regular chairs and tables. Ask everyone to sit on them and play interesting board games all over there. Bonfire is an exclusive add on for this new year celebration idea.

As it is going to be cold and you would love to enjoy the weather with this idea. Make a great cuisine to serve to your guests and some drinks too. The best hot beverage that you can have in this party is hot chocolate with hot marshmallows!

The Memories Night

how to celebrate new year

With this new year celebration idea, you and your friends, family, and all the other guests have a great chance to reminisce about all the past memories or all the memories of the year 2020. To get more creative with this idea, go through your closed ones Instagram or other social media platforms, and take out the print of their most special memory. create a DIY card with these memories and share it with your guests. Include some memory or date guessing games with this new year celebration ideas and have fun welcoming 2021 altogether with past memories.

The Classic Sleepover Party- How To Celebrate New Year

To indulge in more fun and more activities you can definitely go for a classic sleepover party. Ask all your guests to come over to your place in their pj’s. Start of the party with some exciting and refreshing drinks. Arrange the beddings for everyone in your living room so that maximum people can accommodate in one place. You can keep a different section for kids. Binge on your favorite shows or movies with everyone. Serve your guests with pizza, popcorn, and coke. You can also get your hands on the different categories of the appetizers. To wrap it up you can play some interesting board games too.

Best New Year Party Snacks Ideas- How To Celebrate New Year

  1. Perfect Chips
  2. Crispy Vegetable peelings with curry salt
  3. Pickled beetroot tacos with goat cheese
  4. Maple glazed sausage blinis
  5. Harissa hot wings with hazelnut dukkah
  6. sticky miso nuts and seeds
  7. Garlicky shrimp dip
  8. Loaded cheese ball bites
  9. cheese straws
  10. Antipasto Bites
  11. Bacon spinach dip
  12. Grape jelly meatballs
  13. Caprese bites
  14. French dip pinwheels
  15. Salami chips

New year Cocktails Ideas- How To Celebrate New Year

  1. Mulled wine cocktail
  2. Rumberry punch
  3. White mulled wine
  4. Cranberry vodka
  5. Clementine martini
  6. Limoncello
  7. Vodka and cranberry blush
  8. Peach sangria
  9. Strawberry gin
  10. Espresso martini

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So dear readers, these were our picks on- ‘How to celebrate new year‘ and welcome the most awaited 2021 in our lives. Do not forget to share this post with your friends and family and organize a super amazing new year party.

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