New Year Games And Food Ideas For 2021- The Perfect Combo

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Throwing a party at new year’s eve is the best time ever to organize a party and chill with your friends and family. Today in this post we are going to introduce you with some super exciting new year games and food ideas. As we all know, any party is never ever completed without food. Here we are to help you out with that.

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Exotic New Year Games- How To Celebrate New Year

Mentioned below are the exotic new year games ideas. Incorporate these new year games ideas with your new year eve’s party and have a blast with your friends and family. Stay with us till the end and discover the food ideas too!

Two Resolutions And A Lie New Year Games

new year games

Instead of playing clean and the classic game of telling your resolution in the party, make it extra fun. Let every guest present in the new year party swap their new year resolutions. Now each guest is supposed to tell three resolutions and it is upto the rest of the guests to figure out which among the three is a lie. The guest who guesses it correctly gets a small reward and a new year chocolate too!

New Year’s Eve Beverage/ Champagne Relay Race

This is a super fun game and all your guests will be literally falling to win this game. Well, in this game the players need to fill their cocktail glasses or champagne flutes with the alcohol first to win the race. Isn’t is simple, well not anymore. They need to finish this task with a spoon! We wish you good luck!

Best Of 2019 New Year Games

new year games

Get together with all your close friends and family members and let every one reflect on some adorable memories from 2019. Or you can also make them reflect on their future plan or some special planning for the coming year. Make some DIY prompt cards and let everyone pick each at a time and that individual can focus on that specific topic!

Photo Booth Props- New Year Games

Create a super cute DIY photo booth and click tons of pictures with your guests, family, friends and relatives to make some memorabe new year’s eve! You can also order photo booth props from your nearest supplies to make your work easy. These festive props will give an amazing new year vibes.

Disco Ball Pinata For New Year’s Disco Night

This is a multi-purpose new year games ideas. Firstly, you can organize a disco night new year party and invite your favorite gang. And you can craft a very shimmery and decorative disco ball pinata and decorate your entire house with such cute pinatas all over the house. Second, you can play many dance games irrespective of the perfect dance moves. And this will be a very exciting game for the couples too.

Sweet Challenge- New Year Games

Empty some god number of M&M’s into a large bowl. Players need to come chance by chance and transfer the M&M’s into the other bowl by sucking them out with the straw. Players are not allowed to use their hands or direct mouth or any other thing to transfer the candies into another bowl. After all the players are done playing the game, the one with the best number of candies wins the game.

Kiss Collecting

This is a super interesting game if playing in a little naughty way. otherwise, it is fun in another way too. On every new year’s eve every partner, couple, or close friends tend to kiss each other at midnight. Well, you can hand over a handful of Hershey’s kisses to every woman who arrives at the party.

Later, you need to ask all the men to collect as many Hersheys kisses possible for them. Just before a few minutes to midnight, stop the activity, and check who has the highest number of Hershey’s kisses. The man with the greatest number of Hershey’s kisses gets a chance to kiss any woman present in the room!

New Year’s Eve Snacks Ideas- New year Games

Mentioned below is the amazing list of finger licking appetizers which are super easy to make and serve your guests with!

  1. Goat cheese stuffed bacon wrapped dates
  2. Parmesan pesto twists
  3. Whipped feta and avocado crostini with pomegranate bites
  4. Buffalo shrimp dates
  5. Herbed cheese ball
  6. Potato and parsnip latkes
  7. Ham biscuit sandwiches with apricot mustard
  8. Rustic tomato galette
  9. Marinated squash tarts
  10. Three cheese fondue
  11. Fried pickles with buttermilk ranch
  12. Caramelized onion, spinach, and cheddar flaky pastries
  13. Smoked salmon dip
  14. Mexican shrimp cocktail
  15. Bruschetta
  16. Honey garlic meatballs
  17. Spinach puffs
  18. Cranberry pecan cheese ball
  19. Sweet and salty feta dips
  20. Bacon Lettuce cups

New Year Drinks And Cocktails Ideas- New Year Games

new year games
  1. Happy new year
  2. Spiced margarita
  3. Twentieth century cocktail
  4. Midori melon drop ball
  5. Midnight martini
  6. Leap year
  7. Figgy sparkler
  8. Black velvet
  9. Pomegranate Poinsettia
  10. Pomegranate Champagne punch
  11. Silver sangria
  12. Good Luck Charm
  13. Bloody marry
  14. Confetti champagne
  15. Peppermint bark mimosas
  16. Moscow mules
  17. Giggle juice
  18. Drunk jack frosties
  19. Drunken peanut butter cups
  20. Jingle juice


So dear readers, these were amazing picks for the new year games, food and snacks ideas. DO try them out in your new year’s eve party and have loads of fun! Do not forget to share this amazing post with your Friends, Family, and Relatives. So that they can also celebrate and welcome 2021 with full enthusiasm. Also, mention your new year games ideas and food ideas in the comment section below.

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