Complete Guide To Celebrate This New Year Party And Welcome 2021

new year party
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New years are the most exciting and the most internationally recognized holidays. Different people in different countries celebrate in their own specific ways. New year party can be celebrated with your friends, lovers, family, or even with thousands of strangers!

As we all know due to the novel disease COVID-19 our lives have entirely changed in terms of everything. Therefore, 2021 will be the year where the majority of the people would welcome it through house celebrations in a lesser crowd.

The year 2020 hasn’t served anyone that good so far. And we all pray that we arrive in 2021 happily and welcome it with whole enthusiasm with whole safety yet with the utmost fun. And to help you with that we have got some amazing new year party celebration ideas to have a super blast with your closed ones.

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As far as dinners and get-togethers are concerned, New year’s eve dinners are considered to be the most exciting ones. And obviously, with the drop of every second, the excitement eventually grows. With the exciting ideas mentioned below, plan a super amazing new year dinner eve’s that will definitely impress all your guests!

1.Set Up An Exclusive Champagne Bar

Champagne, is definitely the start of the new year eve party. Set up a very decorative and creative champagne counter for all your guests. To make the drinks more decorative and delicious try out different mix-ins like rosemary or pomegranate seeds in the drink. Your guests will definitely love this new year party celebrate idea.

2. Set Up a Holographic Balloon Or Disco Wall

This year try ditching the really expensive photo booths for Insta proof photographs. Rather get more creative and decorate a holographic wall with balloons or the disco theme. This idea turns out to be really pretty than the photo booth and is much cheaper too!

3. Have the Amazing Party Games Handy

Games are the best way to break the ice and have fun with your most lovable crowd. You can switch over interesting games in the middle of the new year party celebration. Some of the best games that you can put your hands on are 7-second challenge games, Never have I ever questions and fun games for couples too!

4. Give Your New Year Party Celebration A Specific theme

if you are looking out to make some amazing memories on this new year’s eve, just start your new year party celebration planning with a perfect theme. It could be any. These days you can go with the bohemian, the most romantic theme and plan the decor, the menu the outfits everything according to that.

5. Create A Sangria Bar

new year party

Well, if you are really missing summers, then just skip the champagne idea and switch over to the sangria bar idea. With this super amazing sangria bar idea at your new year celebration, everyone would be missing the beach desperately.

6. Keep It Elegant An Underrated

The new year party celebration hasn’t to be really loud and filled with glitters, heavy meals, and loud music. you can also be subtle, simple with a decent food menu and the classic decor and cheerfully welcome the year 2021.

7. Blow up Giant Balloons With Cute Surprises

Is your party even a real party without the balloons? Well, it’s definitely not. Blow up a great variety of balloons of different sizes and different textures. To make the balloon bursting exactly at 12 AM fill the balloons with cute candies or non-frosted cupcakes and some pretty small gifts too!

8. DIY Your Confetti Poppers

If you feel a little crafty and do not mind cleaning the mess afterward. Then make some amazing and super cute confetti party poppers using tissue papers and cake pop shooters.

9. Make Some Delicious Boozy Desserts- New Year Party Celebration

I guess, it is definitely okay to mix in alcohol in everything in new year’s eve celebration. Make some mindblowing boozy desserts like the champagne cupcakes or the wine cakes they will love them all!

10. Prepare A New Year Resolution Jar With The Sparklers

It’s new year guys, you cannot complete the celebration without the sparklers at all. Make an interesting new year resolution jar and everyone present in the party has to make a resolution and put the chit in the jar and at the same time, that very person will light a sparkler and complete the resolution taking process.

Fancy Snacks To serve In Your New Year Party Celebration

Below mentioned is the list of the fancy foods bite sized which you can serve your guests. These snacks are super easy to make and to serve too!

  1. Steak Frites Bites
  2. Cheesy Bacon Spinach Dip
  3. Loaded Cheese Ball Bites
  4. Toasted Ravioli
  5. Bloody Mary Bombs
  6. Baked Biscuit Wreath Dip
  7. Fried mashed Potato Balls
  8. Confetti Cookie Dough Ball
  9. Potato Gratin Snacks
  10. Craneberry Brie Bites
  11. Cheesy sausage Balls
  12. Greek feta Dip
  13. Brussels Sprout Brie Bites
  14. Crab Cake Poppers
  15. Chocolate Covered Cake Balls

For the amazing and the super delicious recipes of these snacks refer to this website and get them all there! Check them out here- Delish

Games To Play In New Year’s Eve Party- New Year Party Celebration Ideas

Mentioned below are the super interesting games that you can play on new year’s eve and make the celebration even more exciting!

  1. Cotton Race
  2. Two Resolutions And A Lie
  3. Beverage Relay Race
  4. Ribbon Dancing
  5. Banana Bump
  6. Pass the Hat
  7. Kiss Collecting
  8. Guess The Resolution
  9. New Year’s Eve Scavenger Hunt
  10. Sweet Challenge


So dear friends, this was our amazing guide on how to celebrate this new year party and welcome the most awaited 2021! Do let us know which was your favorite idea in the comment section below! For more interesting content and the ideas stay tuned!

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