15+ Best Family-Friendly New years Eve Games To Bid Adieu 2020

new years eve games
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New year’s eve is the best ever time to throw a fabulous party. Not just because you welcome a new year. But also because you and your closed ones are all together on this special day. Well, if you been planning for your new year’s eve party. You might have finished off with the New years eve appetizers and other fun activities too. In this post we will share some interesting family-friendly new years eve games which you can definitely include in your party this time.

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Let’s dive into the list of creative new years eve games and try them out this year with your friends and family to bid adieu to 2020!

15+ Creative Family-Friendly New Years Eve Games

Mentioned below are games mentioned especially for new years eve games. You can also use these games for any other occasions if you want to.

1. Instagram Memories New Years Eve Games

new years eve games

Get through the Instagram accounts of all of your friends. Take out all their favorite moments and get a print out of those images. Using those Instagram memories, create a DIY card and give them when they come over your place. This will be a great way to memorize the whole year in a fun and creative way with your friends and family.

2. Never Have I Ever In 2020

new years eve games

Well, to be really honest, just even thinking of this particular game gives a naughty grin on my face. just imagine the wide variety of questions you can cover with this single game. And the fun and drama just after asking a question to anyone is really epic. Try out this incredible list of never have I ever questions in 2020.

3. Kisses New Year’s Eve Countdown- New Years Eve Games

new years eve games

This is a very simple and a cute little game that you can use as a filler game in your new year’s eve parties. To win this game all you need is speedy hands! Yes, get all your hershey kisses in the exact cup before the countdown ends. Interesting right?

4. Cotton Ball Race

This is a hilarious relay race, that just requires two bowls filled entirely with colorful cotton balls and a jar of vaseline. Divide the group into two teams and mark a starting line with the help of masking tape on the rug. Now the members of both the teams have to dab vaseline on their nose, and pick the cotton balls with their nose, without using their hands or anything. Across the room have another table with two empty bowls and the players need to put the cotton balls picked through the nose in these empty bowls. The team which collects the highest number of cotton balls wins the race.

Variations– You can play as this game between two people as solos too.

5. Pass The Hat- New Years Eve Games

This is a very simple game yet a lot fun game to play. All the guests need to sit in a circle and everyone will pass on the hat to the next player, without using their hands. The player who fails to do so and drops the hat will be out of the circle and needs to perform a task which the rest of the group asks him/ her to do. The last player of the group wins the hat and any other small prize too.

6. Two Resolutions And A Lie

new years eve games

Instead of playing the classic truth and a lie game, convert it into the new year’s themed game. All of the guests need to tell three resolutions out of them one is the lie. It’s up to everyone else to figure out which one of the resolutions is fib!.

7. Champagne Relay Race- New Years Eve Games

Be the first one to fill your champagne flute and win the game! Simple,right? Well, not that simple, cause the catch of the game is to fill your champagne flute up to the brim with a teaspoon! Now it becomes way too interesting right?

8. Banana Bump

new years eve games

For this interesting game, you just need three simple things. First is the bananas, oranges and the hula hoop. Place the hula hoop in the center of the room. Now the goal of the game is to push the oranges into the hula hoop with the bananas.

Ask all the guests to form a circle around the hula hoop at equal distances. The task becomes extremely interesting and difficult because the bananas are tied to the players waist, about a foot from the ground. The first to succeed at getting their orange inside the hula hoop is the winner!

9. Song Matching- New Years Eve Games

Well, this is definitely a ice breaker game and can be used during the start of the party. When your guests arrive, instruct all of them to write the lyrics of song on the slip of paper. Cut the slips in half and save for later. Whenever there is a need of entertainment dose for the guests, announce it is time of using their song lyrics.

Pass out the lyrics and tell your guests to search for the person having same lyrics which they have. The first person to search for their lyric partner wins the game. You can also use this pairing for dance or as dinner partners too.

10. Name That tune

Create a playlist of all the old and new songs of 2020 and make two teams. Play the tune and let the teams guess the name of the song and the artist name. Get two buzzers which the teams can use to reflect the signal that they are ready to answer. Make a point and reward system to make the game more competitive.

11. Resolution Guess

This game involves matching a resolution with the person who actually made it. As soon as your guests arrive, ask them to jot down their resolutions in a slip of paper. Collect all the resolutions and put them in the jar. Later, after some time take out the jar and put it in the center of the table. One by one every guest will pick the slip from the jar and will try to guess whose new year resolution this could be. The person who succeeds by guessing the right game wins the game and a small reward too!

12. New Year’s Eve Word Games

Well, how many words you can make with the word- ‘Happy New Year’? This game definitely requires a lot of your focus and will result in loads of chuckles and fun too. You can also use this game for kids and keep them busy with this while you and guests are busy in chatting.

13. Rainbow Jenga- New Years Eve Games

Your guests are seriously going to love you for this. Not just because it will look astonishing, they will love this when you will keep certain rules while playing the games. like, a player or two can only play around two specific colors. A lot more fun and unique right?

14. New Year’s eve Fortune teller Games

What will happen to you in 2021? find out with this interesting fortune teller game. Create a DIY fortune teller out of paper which actually doubles as a whimsical place setting too!

15. Balloon Pop Charades

For this new years eve games, fill the inflated balloons with new year’s related words and phrases. Have your guests take turns popping the balloons and act out the particular thing that came up in their chits. keep track of the time required by each player to discover the name. the person who guessed the word in the shortest time, wins that round of the game.

New Years Eve Games For Kids And Teens

  1. Jewelry Jam
  2. Sweet Challenge
  3. Egg Relay Race
  4. Crossword Games
  5. Marble Relay Race
  6. Drop Around The Clock Game
  7. Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Toss Game
  8. 7 Second Challenge Games
  9. Karaoke Game
  10. Ribbon Dance


So dear readers, these were our amazing picks for the most creative and unique new years eve games. Do mention in the comment section below, which party game you included in your new year’s eve party! Also read, best birthday celebration ideas in the lockdown mode!

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