Thanksgiving Party Games And Themes For Perfect 2020 Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we all know that this year has been pretty rough for all of us. But with this thanksgiving, you can have a great time to spend with your close ones, family, and friends. Basically, Thanksgiving is traditionally a day where all your friends and family come together to have a special meal altogether and celebrate and spend time together. In this post, we have covered some amazing thanksgiving party games that you can include in your thanksgiving day and themes too.

And not only this we have a great list of dessert ideas for your perfect thanksgiving so that you can serve all your guests with delicious dinner meals and the dessert too. Therefore, let’s just jump into the list of the thanksgiving party ideas and explore them all.

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7 Unique Thanksgiving Party Games For The Whole Family

thanksgiving party games

Mentioned below are super amazing thanksgiving party games for the whole family. you can play these games with everyone. And to have more fun incorporate more than 2 thanksgiving party games for your thanksgiving party.

1.Rip it up

The first game in our list for the best thanksgiving party games is rip it up. It is definitely a super fun game in which the player needs to tear a sheet of construction in the shape of a turkey. The challenge is to do so while holding the piece of construction paper behind your back. A minute is usually the best amount of time given to the player. Also, do not forget to make a judgment that will judge all the turkey-shaped sheets. And obviously the person with a perfect turkey-shaped sheet is the winner.

2. Toss And Tell- Thanksgiving Party Games

Toss and tell is a great game to have interactions with all the people present in the room. All the participants need to sit in a circle. The game starts with one person sitting at one corner. The first person needs to toss a turkey stuffed animal or a football to someone else and ask them a question. It can be any question like what are they thankful for this thanksgiving or who is gonna win today’s football match.. or anything else.

3. Blowing Leaves

Blowing leaves is a super fun game. All you need to do is to split your guests into teams for this leaves relay race. Each team needs to blow a leaf from one point to the other with the help of a straw. You can wrap up the game once everyone has a turn. The first team to finish wins the game.

4. What’s Missing- Best Thanksgiving Party Games

On a big tray place 20 little things related to thanksgiving. Let everyone participating in the game take a good look at the tray for about 30 seconds. Then close everyone’s eyes. While everyone’s eyes are close. Remove one thing from the tray. Then ask everyone to open their eyes again and check on the tray and identify which particular item is missing from the tray. Well, kind of a concentration game.

5. Have A Board Game Tournament

This is a classic thanksgiving game idea. For this board game, you need to arrange all sorts of board games and have a very healthy and friendly competition with all your friends and family members. Play around and the winner advances to the next round until the year’s family board game champion has been declared.

6. Be Grateful From A To Z- Best Thanksgiving Party Games

This is a super creative thanksgiving party games. The game starts with a family member who says something he or she is grateful for that starts with the letter A. The next person gives a grateful thanks for starting with the letter B And the chain goes on. It is really a fun game especially with younger kids who are still learning the alphabets.

7. Thanksgiving Word Mash Up

Here is another fun game to play with all your guests at the thanksgiving party. All you need to do is to get the number of sheets equal to the number of guests. Then write ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ on the top of the sheet. pass the sheet to all the guests and ask them to make as many new words that are possible with the word Happy Thanksgiving. Keep it until no one can think of another new word.

Thanksgiving party Themes Ideas | Thanksgiving Party Ideas

thanksgiving party games

So dear readers mentioned below is the super amazing list of the thanksgiving themes ideas that you can use for this year’s thanksgiving.

  • A thankful thanksgiving
  • A bunch of turkeys
  • Bushel Of Blessings
  • Autumn harvest thanksgiving theme
  • A turkey bowl thanksgiving
  • Harvest Moon thanksgiving
  • Mommy’s little turkey
  • For this, I am thankful
  • Count your blessings
  • Turkey and family trimmings
  • Happy turkey day
  • Be thankful for what you’ve got
  • True family gathering
  • A day for thanks
  • Horn Of plenty
  • Harvest delight
  • Thanksgiving bounty
  • Feast with the pilgrims
  • American pie
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Stuffed with stuffing
  • Gobble, till you wobble
  • Turkey tribute

Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas | Thanksgiving Party Ideas

thanksgiving party games

Try out these thanksgiving desserts this thanksgiving and give all your guests an amazing thanksgiving kick this year!

  1. Pumpkin chocolate chip bread
  2. Chocolate hazelnut and caramel tart
  3. Pumpkin spice cake
  4. Apple cranberry galette
  5. Pumpkin pie with maple whipped cream
  6. Pear and berry crumb pie
  7. Pretzel chocolate pecan slab pie
  8. Apple pie with a cheddar cheese crust
  9. Cranberry hand pies
  10. Cranberry pear lattice pie
  11. Cranberry cobbler
  12. Pumpkin cheesecake with a cookie crust
  13. Maple pear tart tartin
  14. Apple blossom tart
  15. Gluten-free chocolate ganache tart
  16. Pumpkin slab pie
  17. Double chocolate bundt
  18. Brie and apple tart
  19. Pecan stuffed baked apples
  20. Fudgy beet brownies

Check out the recipes for the delicious desserts here.


so dear readers, these were our picks for the thanksgiving games, themes and dessert ideas. Do not forget to mention below your favorite thanksgiving party ideas. Also, share this post with your friends and family so that they can also prepare the best thanksgiving preparations.