10 Creative Things To Do On Christmas Day

things to on christmas day

Christmas is just around the corner and you might have already started with the Christmas preparations already. Well, this pandemic situation has made us celebrate most of the things on a very different day and as Christmas is the most special time of the year let’s explore some very creative things to do on Christmas day this year.

One more motive to prepare such creative things to do on Christmas day will help you will make you spend some quality time with your special people. These things to do on Christmas day will enlighten the whole mood and give the festival the most joyous vibe.

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10 Creative Things To Do On Christmas Day- Christmas Day Special

Mentioned below are really creative things to do on Christmas day. For more fun, you can also incorporate 2- 3 activities from the list given below. Not only this we are also going to suggest some superb Christmas desserts this year that you can definitely try out this year. Stay with us till the end to explore the desserts too.

1.Create Decorations

things to do on christmas day

Creating decorations, just never get boring with your pals. By Christmas morning you already have all the lights and ornaments on the place and the complete decorated house. Well, to make it more fun, set up a whole craft table with the craft papers, glue, glitters, sequins and pearls. create some extra garlands and make the place look more aesthetically appealing.

2. Bake Cookies Or Brownies!- Best Things To Do On Christmas Day

things to do on christmas day

Trust me baking is really fun even if it sometimes ruins your thing. Therefore, if you have a holiday party scheduled you can share your cookies with the guests, and if not you can have all of them and enjoy eating them till the new year. You can also serve these cookies as a part f your Christmas breakfast or a small Christmas good night dessert.

3. Watch Marathon/Action Movies

things to do on christmas day

Well, if you’ve been a lot busy lately, then this is the best time to sit down, relax and chill with all your close ones. make a playlist of all the marathon or mixed-genre movies that you really wanted to watch for so long. Binge all of them on the very day and enjoy by having all the delicious finger foods and Christmasy snacks.

4. Attend a tree Lighting ceremony- Things To Do On Christmas Day

things to don christmas day

Who said you need to live in NYC to see a beautiful, bright enormous Christmas tree. Instead of that you can attend a local tree lighting ceremony and watch the trees lighting up by sipping over your hot chocolate with yummy marshmallows. That would be beautiful to do and watch, isn’t it?

5. Drink Eggnog

If you were really busy all this time to prepare the eggnog then just do it right away. Make your customized eggnog drink with a little bit of alcohol then enjoy every sip of it. You can even rim the glass with fancy red and green sprinkles and make your glass look more fascinating.

6. Go Christmas Caroling

If you are the one to sing out of all then just knock at your neighborhood and sing along all the carols with them till your lungs give out. This is really a fun thing to do Christmas day. You can invite your friends over and sing the carols in street or at your place too.

7. Drive Around To Look At The Beautiful Lights

You will be definitely an lt impressed to look around the people’s efforts they put in decorating their house. Also, this way you can enjoy a very beautiful Christmasy long drive with the most beautiful vibe. And not only this you will definitely get some inspo to decorate your house in a better way for the very next Christmas.

8. Play Board Games- Things To Do On Christmas Day

These board games don’t need to be like holiday games. You can play board games like scrabble, clue, charades, heads’up, and crossword puzzles. This way you are spending time with your close friends, family, and everyone. You can also include more fun activities like karaoke, dancing, and skits too.

9. Watch Old Home Videos

Christmas is a great time to cherish every moment, the past, present, and future with your family members. And with these creative things to don Christmas day you can do a lot of fun. You can sit with all the dear ones and put on the favorite funny videos with special moments and go back to those moments and cherish the past all over again.

10. Attend Church

If you are pretty religious and if your not that religious to you can always go to church and spend the morning or evening payer. If you don’t have that much time to listen to the complete service then you can read through a few of your favorite passages from the holy book.

Christmas Day Desserts Ideas- Things To Do On Christmas Day

things to do on christmas day
  1. Christmas pavlova meringue tower with black forest
  2. Simple vegan chocolate cheesecake
  3. Yule log with baileys
  4. No-bake chocolate and PX sherry tart
  5. Christmas vegan Eton mess
  6. Christmas trifle recipe with gingerbread
  7. Custard tart recipe with eggnog
  8. Mulled wine winter individual puddings
  9. Christmas baked Alaska with raspberry
  10. Christmas terrine with caramel and nougat
  11. Chocolate and salted caramel ice cream bombe
  12. Easy baileys tiramisu
  13. Berry crumble pie
  14. Panna cotta recipe with coffee
  15. White chocolate souffle with pistachio
  16. Chocolate terrine with peanut butter and jam
  17. Ginger ice cream bombes
  18. Apple tart recipe with salted butterscotch
  19. Christmas chocolate pudding with caramel
  20. Christmas spiced rum Baumkuchen cake


So dear readers, these were our top picks for the creative things to do on Christmas day. Do not forget to mention your favorite in the comment section below.

Check out this website for the recipes of the dessert ideas mentioned above.