Creative 17th Birthday Ideas For Having Ultimate Fun

17th birthday ideas
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17th birthday isn’t that great milestone that remarks anything. Still, it definitely deserves a bashing celebration. At this age of teenagers, teens are highly active and more likely to be excited about their birthday parties, occasions, or any other events. And to help you with that we have got amazing and very creative 17th birthday ideas for all the darling teens.

Teens are never going to like the mundane parties which are very structured and just planned with the time to time regular activities. They want something which sparks them. Something that would just enlighten their soul immediately and would require a call to action. Keeping these factors in mind, pick any idea mentioned in the list of 17th birthday ideas, and have a blast at your 17th birthday party.

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17th Birthday Ideas – Best Ways To Celebrate A Teen Birthday

So dear idea searcher, let’s just quickly dive into the amazing list of the 17th birthday ideas. The ideas mentioned are common which can be used for any one. Either for a birthday boy or a birthday girl.

1.A Classic Pool Party To Chill

Usually pool parties are a lot of fun and are really loved a lot by teens. you can invite all their favorite people and take them to the pool. You can either rent out a pool outside, or you can also use the one if available inside your apartment. Decorate the pool area with beautiful and very cute floaters. Also arrange some delicious finger foods so that everyone can munch on and chill in the pool for a longer time.

2. Backyard BBQ

17th birthday party ideas

A classic BBQ is great 17th birthday ideas. Invite all your friends fr the delicious bbq food. Arrange the required number of chairs and tables in the backyard for the guests to sit and enjoy the food. To make it more exciting in terms of flavors, organize a stall of refreshing drinks. You can also decorate the backyard and tables with the red cloth covers and use the same kind of tissue colors to make it look more organized.

3. Jump Till Your Feet Hurts- The Trampoline Party

17th birthday party ideas

Trampolines are great, isn’t it? Setup a trampoline in your garden or fr this 17th birthday ideas you can visit a local park and decorate the trampoline with cute balloons and birthday party hats. With all your friends have fun jumping in the trampoline for hours. Also, play some exciting games while jumping in that. To make this idea super fun you can also cut the cake inside the trampoline while jumping only.

4. Dancing With The Stars

If the birthday honoree is a great fond of dancing. Then just go with this birthday idea without having a single doubt. You can organize this birthday party indoors or outdoors. Take out the whole furniture of the room and decorate the entire room with amazing decor and set up one complete wall with holographic decoration for perfect pictures. Arrange exciting beverages and snacks to have in the middle of dancing and to wrap up pizza will be not doing much harm. Just in.

5. Dive For The Day- 17th Year Birthday Ideas

If your teen is extremely rebellious, then simply go for sky diving. Trust me this 17th birthday ideas will make his/her 17th birthday worth remembering. But definitely this is a little expensive birthday party idea, as just for a few minutes, they charge a bomb on you. Anyways. do not forget to wrap up the birthday party with cake cutting and some exotic snacks too.

6. The Movie Marathon

If you are a great fan of Netflix and watching movies than you can organize a great movie marathon. Invite all your friends and convert the whole living room into the cozy area by throwing off the blankets on the floor and keeping the lights entirely din. With a large movie theatre in the room. Do not forget to put some fairy lights in the room to get the classic vibe. And yes, pizza or some guilty pleasure food have in the meantime is must.

7. Scream And Shout In The Theme Park

A trip to the theme park is also an amazing 17th birthday ideas for the perfect birthday celebration. Get the tickets and surprise the birthday honoree with the tickets. With all the favorite friends, visit the theme park and enjoy the spectacular rides. Do not forget to enjoy the amazing street food available in the theme park.

8. Party On A Private Yacht- 17th Birthday Ideas

For this birthday idea, you can either rent a private yacht or can go in a regular one loaded with the passengers. Trust me both the ideas are really perfect and will not ruin any fun of the birthday party. Also, the food served in these yachts is also exquisite and the ambiance is also very classic.

9. Camping, Cola And Cuisine

If you are looking for an interesting birthday idea than just close your eyes and go with this one. Invite all your friends for the camping night. Put up the tents in the camping destination and bonfire is the must. Gather the cola drinks to have in between the games and a great cuisine meal is a must to have with the camping fun. Also, hot marshmallows in the direct bonfire with hot chocolate will be the perfect beverage.

10. Beach Party – 17th Birthday Ideas

This is the best 17th birthday idea to beat the summer sun. Dressup in your hot sizzling swimsuits and jump into the beach with your friends. To get some perfect party pictures take a beach ball with you and have loads of fun with sand. Also, get served with exciting juices and refreshing drinks.

Sweet And Simple 17 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Mentioned below are sweet and simple 17 year old birthday ideas. These ideas are extremely are good if you are short on time.

  1. Around the worlds party
  2. Awards watching party
  3. Birthday Party games
  4. Birthday party games
  5. Black and white party
  6. Dim light party
  7. Candy party
  8. Destination party
  9. Halloween party
  10. candy party

Unique 17 Year Old Birthday Themes- 17 Year Old Birthday Ideas

  1. Sunflower
  2. Spa party
  3. Zombie tag
  4. Rock star
  5. Survivor
  6. Movies
  7. Fear factor
  8. Peacock
  9. Cupcake
  10. Charity
  11. Scavenger hunt
  12. Dance party
  13. Flamingo
  14. Two color
  15. Wish Upon A Star
  16. Masquerade
  17. 1980’s

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Party Venue Ideas- 17 Year Old Birthday Ideas

17th birthday ideas
  1. Bowling
  2. Escape Room
  3. Day on the Lake
  4. Hayride
  5. Gymnastics Gym
  6. Horseback Ride
  7. Laser Tag
  8. Indoor Skydiving
  9. Ropes Course
  10. Spa Treatment


So dear readers, these were amazing 17-year-old birthday party ideas. Try out planning this year’s birthday party around these ideas and impress all your friends too. Also, mention your favorite ideas in the comment section below.

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