Fun Pool Party Games For Teens To Rock Pool Parties In 2020

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Teenagers are never gonna love that old school structured party at all. Also, your whole party just cannot revolve around one single-core theme. You definitely need to organize a variety of games to keep everyone occupied. Therefore, today we are going to bring an exclusive range of Pool Party Games that every teen is going to love and enjoy a lot!

Why Do You Need These Super Fun Pool Party Games?

Well, there are people who think like what is the need of a variety of pool party games as the pool party itself is fuller party idea. But wait a minute, what after just jumping into the pool? Aren’t you going to feel the need of playing interesting super fun pool party games to have a super splash in, and out the pool. Hell yes! Right?

So without wasting much of time, let’s just dive into the list of Fun Pool party Games and also, do not forget to check out the post of Cool Teen Party Ideas In 2020

Fun Teen Pool Party Games

Below mentioned is the list of the amazing pool party games for teens. For a great variety of party games at your pool party make a combination of around 2- 3 pool party games from this list.

#1. Speedy Duck

pool party games

The very first game in the list of the pool party games is speedy duck. Trust me this is a super interesting game if you have a group of teens with you. All you need is a group of teens and some rubber ducks. Now you can either make a two teams or handover a rubber duck to each individual. And now the motive of the task is to move the duck across the pool without using their face, hand or feet. They just have to use waves or their breath to complete the task. The first one to cross the pool surely wins the game.

#2. Dance In The Pool- Fun Teen Pool Party Games

pool party games

Sounds weird right? But it’s really not complicated. All you need to do is to jump in the pool with all your teen friends and start dancing. You can ask everyone to dance individually so that it is easier to decide who has the best moves. And the person with the best moves wins this pool party games.

#3. The Greasy WaterMelon Game- Fun Pool Party Games

This is another super fun pool party games in this list. All you need is a group of teens, a big and heavy watermelon, and loads of oil or petroleum jelly. Cover the whole watermelon with a generous 2-3 coating of petroleum jelly, just make it really slick! Now, divide the group into 2 teams and have both the teams wait on one side of the pool. Next, throw away the slick watermelon in the middle of the pool. the players then rush to retrieve the melon and make it touch to their side of the pool. The team who does the task fairly gets a point. Play this game up to 10 or 5 scoring points.

#4. Outdoor Movie- Fun Teen Pool Party Games

There can be no better add on than this amazing idea in your fun pool party games. Not exactly a game but still a really fun idea to enjoy your pool party with your darling gang. If your pool party is at night, wouldn’t it be really cool to watch your favorite movie while sitting on the rafts or just hanging out around the pool? You can also get some finger foods and loads of snacks. For this idea, you need to borrow a movie projector which is very simple to arrange and fix. Trust me this would be an amazing addition to your pool parties.

#5. Bottom Dwellers

Bottom Dwellers is again one of the very interesting and enthusiastic pool party games. For this pool party games you need some poker chips to throw inside the pool. The other player of the team has to collect all the different poker chips. You can also assign a different value to different colored poker chips to make it more interesting. You can play this game in the groups of 2 which will make it even more fun.

#6. Noodle Joust- Fun Pool party Games

For this exciting Noodle Joust Game, you need a minimum of 4 teens and four pool noodles. All the teens should sit on the noodle pools and balance themselves. Then they will work to joust against the other teen. The first person to lose the balance and fall loses the game.

#7. Beach Ball Relay Race

To have fun with this game, divide the teens into 2 groups. Now line up both the teams on one end of the pool. To start the game, one player of each team will be given a beach ball. The players need to place and balance the ball on their heads. In this way they will pass the ball to the other members of the group in the length wise direction without letting the ball fall. If the ball falls without reaching the other end of the team, they will start again. And so, the team who finishes the game first wins the game.

#8. Wet Shirt Relay

To start with the game, you definitely need two teen teams to play a wet shirt relay. Each time needs to line up on the side of the pool and the first person of each team will swim to the other side of the pool and grab the large size T-shirt waiting on the other side of the pool. Next, they have to wear a t-shirt as fast as they can and swim back to the other side.

Once they reach back, that member of the team needs to remove the t-shirt and hand it over to the next member. Repeat the process till that extra-large t-shirt reaches the last member of the team. The team who finishes the task first wins the game.

Simple And Interesting Pool Party Games

Below mentioned are some really interesting and very simple pool party games to execute. Try them out whenever you host a pool party for sure.

  • Octopus Tag
  • Sharks And Bait
  • Hot Diggity Dog
  • Belly Flop
  • Diving
  • Water Balloon Toss
  • Tug-o-War
  • Pool Hippo Scramble
  • Water Basketball
  • water Volleyball
  • Balloon Bomb Race
  • Grape Toss
  • Marco Polo
  • Limbo Contest


SO dear friends, these were our top picks for pool party games. Let us know which pool party games you loved the most in the comment section below.

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