7 Cool Teen Boys Birthday Party Ideas With Super Trending Themes In 2020

teen boys birthday party ideas
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Teens are the age where boys feel a lot lively and active. Also, when it comes to their birthday celebration it should be really exciting and fun to celebrate. Therefore, today we are going to help you with our top picks for teen boys birthday party ideas!

You need to plan and organize very carefully your child’s birthday party. Also, do not forget to keep your child’s likes and dislike’s in your mind before you start planning your teen kid’s party. Afterall your teen’s happy and smiling face will make all your efforts worth it.

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So, let’s start with our list of the teen boys birthday party ideas!


We have a very basic definition of birthdays that just simply revolves around gifts and cakes. But especially when it comes to kids, it’s not just about these two things. It means a lot more than that for them. They need to enjoy each and every moment with great party themes, props, decor, and various different games. Let’s get into the list of Teen Boys Birthday Party Ideas.

Teen Boys Birthday Party Ideas

1.Carnival Birthday Party

teen boys birthday party ideas

If you are searching for a blockbuster teen boys birthday party ideas then trust me nothing can be better than this carnival birthday party idea. The only main requirement for this teen boy’s birthday party ideas is that you will be needing a large space to organize it.

You can either organize in your backyard or in a local park. Arrange some god DIY games with some tent food tables and cute decor with a bright color palette and some fun activities. Your teen kid is just gonna love it a lot!

2. Karaoke Birthday Party

teen boys birthday party ideas

If your teen is a music lover then simply organize a karaoke party this year. Also, it is very simple to organize and host. To set up the stage you can spread the floor rug along with cushions and some disco light to give it a more intense vibe. Hangover the curtains at the backdrop so that it gives the stage a very classic and authentic look.

Also, it will serve you in clicking some good pictures to click and post. By the time your kid and the guest kids are singing keep serving them with some fresh beverages and their favorite snacks all the time. You can also add some fun props so that kids can use it while the other kid is singing on the stage. Isn’t it an amazing teen boys birthday party ideas?

3. Glow in the dark – Teen Boys Birthday Party Ideas

teen boys birthday

There can be no better way than this to celebrate your teen boy birthday party! This theme party can be simply organized in your child’s room. You might need a few things specifically if you are organizing this glow in a dark theme party.

A pack of glow sticks, a strobe light, some fun and pop and peppy music, face paint that glow’s in dark, and some neon bracelets to identify each other. Also, make their snack time very interesting by serving the snacks and all the food in the neon plates. Boys are just gonna love that.

3. The classic Sleepover

If your teen kid loves to spend some nights with his friends then this can be the best teen boys birthday party ideas for him. Invite all the guest teens for the sleepover with their parent’s permission. You can also surprise your teen kid with this birthday party idea without letting him know.

Arrange their loved movies and shows on the Netflix let them binge everything for the whole night with all their favorite snacks. The next day also they can spend the whole day with each other by playing some amazing board games highlighted withy the special; cake cutting.

4. Dance party

teen boys birthday party ideas

Swap your regular light bulbs with some amazing bling disco lights. Set up the dance floor with some interesting props loved by your teen kid. Keep in mind to be very selective with the playlist. As the key to fun for this dance party will be the song playlist as the songs should be so good that their steps should stop with their fun dancing!

5. Hotel Night

teen boys

A very similar teen boys birthday party ideas just like a classic sleepover but with a different and authentic ambiance. Also, the hotel night sleepover will make your kids super excited. Make sure about the fact that, the hotel where you do the reservations has the pool. You will be needing to keep the party small so that all the kids can accommodate in the room. One of the best teen boys birthday party ideas.

6. Slime party

teen boys

Slimes are a great trend, isn’t it? If your teen kid is a great slime lover then without thinking much just organize this slime party at one go! They will love the celebration of their birthday with a slippery and glittery substance. You can make a great variety of slimes and also arrange some edible slimes for everyone. Also, arranging some sort of slime cake is going to be a blast!


Organizing your kid’s party with a theme creates a very different spark in your kid’s party. But it takes a lot of brainstorming to select the best theme for your teen boys birthday party ideas.

Below is the list of 10 super trending teen boys birthday ideas themes that are gonna rock this year!

  1. Bewitched scavenger hunt
  2. Glow in the dark- Teen boys birthday party ideas
  3. Karaoke party with hip-hop decor
  4. Seven-second game challenge party theme
  5. Pool party theme with unicorn decor
  6. Stranger things party theme
  7. Pajama Party theme
  8. Halloween Party Theme
  9. Fancy Dress Party Theme
  10. Sports Party Theme

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So dear readers, these were our top picks for teen boys birthday party ideas and some super trending themes for the parties. Hope y’all loved it. Let us know which theme you loved the most and celebrated your child’s birthday with. Stay tuned for more amazing party ideas for every occasion!

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