10 Super-Cute Teen Girl Party Ideas- Best Ways To Celebrate

teen girls party ideas
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It is super easy to plan out a birthday party for kids when they are small. As everything is in our hands to figure out, disregard of their conditions. Still, you definitely need to take care of their likes and dislikes before planning out a birthday party for them. As we know that kids get a little cranky very fast when we do not focus on what exactly they want. And to keep those factors in mind, we have got amazing teen girl party ideas. Yes, dear readers, these party ideas are exclusively for girls only.

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In this, we will share super cute teen girl party ideas that you can definitely opt to celebrate your darling daughter’s birth party! We will also share amazing themes for girl party ideas that you can opt for the birthday celebration too. Stay with us till the end and explore all of them in this super informative post.

10 Super-Cute Teen Girl Party Ideas

Here are the most amazing cute teen girl party ideas that you can definitely pick for teen girl parties. Incorporate 2-3 birthday party ideas and have a blast.

1. Instagram Photo Booth


Let’s not deny the fact that girls are obsessed with pictures. And playing dress-up is another fun activity loved by all the girls disregard of any specific age. Invite all the gorgeous girls and ask them to come all dressed up in their super cute and glam outfits. Click their Instagram proof pictures and do not forget to design or bake a cake according to the theme. Decorate the interior of the house with cute props and create a mini photo booth. One of the best teen girls party ideas.

2. Let The Girls Cook- Teen Girl Party Ideas

teen girl party ideas

It is a well-known fact that girls love to cook. Why not make it more exciting by including a fun activity in it. Ask all the girls to make their own pizzas of different flavors and mark all the girl cooks according to their pizza’s taste. The cook with the best marks gets the special award. To make this teen girl party ideas more exciting, you can also bake a pizza cake for your darling daughter’s birthday party.

3. Karaoke Birthday Party

teen girl party ideas

If your darling daughter is a great fan of singing then you can simply organize a super cute karaoke birthday party for your child. To make it look more creative in terms of the decor and the ambiance, arrange some cute pink mikes for all the teen girls and make a stage out of a table or cardboard. You can also create a musical backdrop where the main person can come and sing the song.

4. The Classic Sleepover- Teen Girl Party Ideas

fun teen party ideas

Well, if your teen is a great fan of being around her friends. Then this is the perfect party idea for your teen girl. Invite all here firends for a classic sleepover party and surprise her with this birthday plan. To make this birthday party idea really succesful, you can download your teen daughters favorite movies and all the kids can stream them for thw ehole night. Serve them with delicious finger fods and candies till they are awake. You can also include the activities like fashion makeover to keep everyone engaged in the sleep over party.

5. Under the stars

teen party ideas

Your teen daughter is definitely a bright star in your life and to make your teen girl’s birthday party super amazing plan a party under the stars and invite all her friends for the party. Put some cute tents in the backyard or the garden and arrange all the snacks and foods, drinks, etc. TO make the decor look more stunning, put some fairy lights all around the tents and the backyard. Keep the cake cutting the highlight of the party and play some interesting games too, to have loads of fun at the party. One of the cute teen girl party ideas.

6. A Girl Scavenger Hunt

teen girl party ideas

Scavenger hunts are full of excitement and climax which bring a bunch of questions, step after step. Plan out a scavenger hunt for your teen daughter and her friends. You can plan this teen girl party ideas either inside the house or outside the house. To make the decor look more girly and beautiful, you can choose a pink color palette and arrange everything according to that.

7. A Teen Spa Party- Teen Girl Party Ideas

teen girl party ideas

With the increasing modern trends, the mother-daughter salon theme is really in the hype. As the friends of your teen daughters are really important and the birthday celebration will be incomplete without them. Invite the guests’ kids and ask their parents to drop them off to the salon itself. All the kids can have a cute spa party. Do not forget to make the reservations at the saloon prior so that the day you want, should be available.

8. Neon Glow In The Dark Party

teen girl party ideas

If you are looking for a unique teen girls party ideas, then trust me nothing can be better than this. Also, the best part is that this party idea can easily be organized in your child’s room without occupying much of your space. You just need some simple props like strobe sticks, neon bracelets that shine in the dark, and neon paint to paint each other’s face. To make this birthday party idea more specific, serve all the kids in neon plates with neon paper napkins too.

Best Birthday Themes For Teen Girls- Teen Girls Party Ideas

teen girl party ideas
  1. Dancing at the club
  2. Bon-Fire party
  3. Wet and wild party
  4. Disco blast
  5. Beach Party
  6. Unicorn theme party
  7. Fantasy theme party
  8. Angels and devils
  9. Vampire theme
  10. Mermaid theme
  11. Pirate theme
  12. Mardi Grass Theme
  13. Toga Party
  14. Cake smash
  15. Sports party theme

Amazing Gift Ideas For Teen Girls- Teen Girls Party Ideas

teen girl party ideas
  1. Wireless earphones
  2. Lip balm making kit
  3. Macrame photo display
  4. To all the boys I loved before
  5. Tassel keychain USB charger
  6. Leather Bracelet
  7. Sephora gift card
  8. Instant Polaroid camera
  9. Tweexy
  10. Alex and ani harry potter necklace
  11. Adidas mini backpack
  12. Skeleton jewelry holder
  13. Makeup brush set
  14. Cat slippers
  15. I want a pizza t-shirt
  16. Unicorn earring set
  17. Bath Bombs
  18. Bluetooth speaker
  19. Scrapbook
  20. Smartphone ring
  21. tiny heart necklace
  22. Mermaid Blanket
  23. Rose gold string lights
  24. Beauty Headbands
  25. Monogram Pillows
  26. Bando Lunchbag Purse
  27. Kate spade spiral notebook
  28. Choker set
  29. Secret For Your twenties book
  30. Wireless charging pad


So dear readers, these were our amazing picks for the teen girl party ideas. Hope you liked the post. Stay tuned for more amazing content.

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