Best Funky Teen Pool Party Ideas In 2020

teen pool party ideas
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Maybe your teen isn’t that old for having a pool party along with his/her friends. But along with you and their gang, they can absolutely have a splashy blast at their pool parties. Teen pool parties are truly inexpensive ways to celebrate any occasion you want. Maybe it’s birthday or the coronation day. Pool parties are really perfect for teens and a lot of fun too which gives them a really new experience. Today in this post we are going to share some incredible teen pool party ideas

A perfect pool party requires the consideration of loads of factors like safety issues, teen pool party games, funky snacks, drinks, and decor too. We have covered them all, stay with us till the end and learn about the crazy teen pool party ideas.

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Funky Teen Pool Party Ideas In 2020

So dear readers, first things first. The very first and foremost thing that you need to care of while you organize a teen pool party for your teen is safety. Safety around the pool is really very important. As you don’t want anyone to get hurt at all. Fun in the sun and splashing around is definitely great but safety should be your highest priority.

Safety First!

teen pool party ideas

Mentioned below are the factors that you need to take care of while organizing the teen pool party to make sure that everyone with you is safe.

  • If there are no lifeguards available around the pool, ask the other parents of the teen kids to come and keep an eye on the party.
  • If you know anyone around you who has a training of lifeguard, you might offer him and hire that person. The presence of an actual lifeguard will literally take a lot of pressure from you.
  • If it’s a public pool then the rules should be clearly posted. And if it is a private pool, you need to create the rules and explain them to everyone ahead of time. As it is very easy for kids to dive and do the wild stuff and get seriously hurt, but before it starts you better announce the rules.
  • All chaperones should be ready to get into the pool immediately, in case of an emergency.
  • If there is a problem with any teen or other, calmly pull them aside and let them know exactly what the rule states.

Decor- Teen Pool Party Ideas

So, the next thing that you need to consider after making sure everything is safe is the decor. As you are organizing the pool party for the teen you need to set the mood accordingly. Set the decor with bright and vibrant colors, festive accents, playful music and the perfect picture look backdrop. Try out these DIY decor props and create the backdrop.

1.Tissue Paper Pineapple Poufs

teen pool party ideas

To give your party a tropical island inspired vibe, try to make these super cute bright yellow poufs which look like cute pineapples. This will add a pop factor in your decor and will also give a 3D effect too.

2. Beach Ball Garland

teen pool party ideas

You can buy mini beach balls and create a super cute beach ball garland with these beach balls. All you need is a little pain, styrofoam balls, and string! Ge the whole tutorial at Studio DIY.

3. Balloons In A Pool

One of the simplest idea to make your pol look picture perfect is to throw away plenty of colorful balloons inside the pool. This will add amazing colors to your pool and it is super affordable too. This will ake the teen kids more excited to run into the pool and have loads of fun.

4. Inflatables

Inflatables is also a super cute idea to enhance the decor of your pool party. Get 10-15 cute inflatables like flamingoes, donuts, tortoise, and mermaids too. Also, this idea will give you a great pictures of your pool party to post on social media.

5. Jellyfish Lanterns

To give your pool party more of summery tropical vibe, make these DIY jellyfish lanterns and hang them all around the pool area. All you need is some colorful crepe papers and matching ribbons to get the look!

Food- Teen Pool Party Ideas

As the party starts, you definitely need great variety of snacks, finger foods and desserts for your guests. Mentioned below are amazing and creative snacks that all the kids are gonna love and ask for more.

1.On-The-Go Desserts

If you are running short on time, then you can definitely go for simple on the go desserts and get them from the nearest grocery store or any local shop. Consider buying something healthy yet delicious too. Like greek yogurts, chocolate waffles and candies are a great catch for the last minute.

2. Watermelon Shark

How cute will it be having an edible watermelon shark? It’ll defintely look amazing as the centerpiece of your party. you can also include pineapples along with it. This will be a very healthy alternative and creative and fun too!

3. Snow Cone Cupcakes

If you are confused, whether you should be serving cake or ice cream? Then trust me all the kids and even adults too are going to love this exotic snow cone cupcakes. They look refreshingly delicious, colorful and also, you don’t have to worry about them melting in the heat. Ge the recipe at Mini’s Dollhouse.

4. Snack table

Arrange a snack table full of fresh fruits, juices, energy bars, and exciting jellies and candies. These snacks and juices will keep the energy of your kid’s up to the mark for the whole day. You can also decorate their fruit platter to make it look like a beach ball.

5. Tasty Popsicles

These popsicles are super easy to make without any sugar element. All you need is some fruit juice, roughly chopped fruits and some honey. To make the popsicles look more exciting you can add some variety of fruits like kiwi, pomegranate seeds, and orange slices too!

Super Interesting Teen Approved Pool Games- Teen Pool Party Ideas

  1. Slingshot
  2. Splash Dance
  3. Greasy Ball
  4. Wishing Well
  5. Air Ninja
  6. ATomic Whirpool
  7. Popsicle
  8. Treasure Dive
  9. F.I.S.H
  10. Pool Pizza
  11. Chicken Fight
  12. Marco Polo
  13. Sharks & Minnows
  14. Underwater Tea Party
  15. Cannon Ball
  16. Mermaid Splash
  17. Octopus Tag
  18. Sponge Ball Toss
  19. Ocean Animal Race
  20. Speedy duck

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This skincare- sunscreen station idea is super amazing. Get SPF 50 sunscreen lotion and spray for everyone. Trust me all of your guests are going to love this favor and idea. This way you will protect your guests and all the kids from getting tanned affected by the harmful sun rays. And the introduction of this unique sunscreen station idea will make everyone happy too!


So fear readers, these were our amazing picks for teen pool party ideas. Do not forget to mention, how did you find the post in the comment section below.

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